Affirm Yourself product review

I’m actually pretty much sceptical when it comes to products that claim to make a difference. Especially if it’s a cream that claims to firm up, and define.  So imagine my surprise when I found a product that actually did firm up the flabby skin on my arms.


I thought I was noticing a difference, but it wasn’t until I compared the pictures, that it really hit me.  Even my husband asked if I had been going to a gym.  Now that’s a real eye opener.

The best part, I really didn’t go to a gym.  In fact I really didn’t change my daily routine.  All I did was change out my usual body lotion.
NAKEDPROOF Affirm Yourself Firming Body Cream - 5
With an long list of some recognizeable ingredients, such as caffeine, coffee, carrot, alfalfa, pomegranate, fennel, milk thistle.  I was really curious why the cream works so well.  I found that many of the ingredients havr anti–oxidants, emollients, anti-cellulite, and anti- aging  properties.  Some also help stimulate elastin or colleges production.  I don’t quite understand the properties of the ingredients, or why the cream works so well. I just know it works, and some times I just need to learn to be fine with it.
 It also made difference in my thighs.
You can check out more reviews, and get the full list of ingredients from the website.


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