Basic Hair Care

With the discontinuation of some (most) of the Advanced Techniques hair care, many are asking me what we still have available for your Hair Care

We actually have several options.  The CHI  hair care shampoo and conditioner lineup was created exclusively for Avon with our partnership with CHI, a professional Salon hair care company.  Which means these two products are only available from Avon.  These happen to be my personal favorites.

Another option is our Elastine Branded products.  Under the Elastine umbrella, we have many options.  Our Botanicals shampoo and conditioners have been created from Natural plant-derived ingredients. We have 3 formulas available, moisturizing, volumizing and anti frizz. These are our lowest prices options, at under $5.

Also under the Elastine umbrella is our PropoliThera Shampoo and Conditioners, and even some styling products.  These are all created with a Beeswax, honey and royal jelly (what bees eat) blend that supplies vitamins and amino acids. These Include  a volumizing and a damage repair shampoo and conditioner. These are mid priced, but the bottles are larger making them a better overall value.

We have just recently introduced the HempharmX shampoo and conditioner.  It’s created from hemp oil, which contains omegas that are know to help moisturize and repair damaged hair.  These are among our higher priced shampoos and conditioners, but in a much larger bottle.

And for those with thinning hair, were offer Dr. Groot a shampoo designed to help restore your scalp and hair follicles resulting in thicker hair.

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