What to do on a Snow Day..

Even though we usually don’t think of February as a time to have a Snow days, here we are.

So what are some things you can do when school is closed?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the list of home cleaning that needs to be done.  You know the dusting, mopping, and maybe even those walls that haven’t been washed in a months.

But what fun is that.  It really might be a day to get in some retail therapy.  What, on a Snow Day?

That’s right, for those of us that live in rural communities, that might not make any sense, especially when you can’t even get out of your driveway.  But wait, we are lucky enough to live in a time when we can get almost anything we need with the click of a few buttons, or better yet, just by swiping on our phones.


Shop Norwex Cleaning Supplies

I can already read your mind, but wait I like to support my local business.  So how can you do both? Direct Sales.

Do you have a niece that sells cleaning supplies, or a daughter in law that sells spices, or maybe your friend that sells cooking equipment. All of these are Direct Sales, and Local Businesses.


Shop Tastefully Simple Spices

Did you know when you shop from these e-stores, you are actually supporting a local business.  That might not make much sense, but your nice, daughter in law, or friend gets the commissions from those sales. Just make sure when you shop, your on their e-store.

Generally you can see the name and even a picture of the direct sales consultant/representative on the home page of their e-store. So you can ensure you are actually supporting them, and not someone else.

So even though you are at home due to a Snow Day, you can still get in some retail therapy, and support you local businesses at the same time.  And best of all, especially if you haven’t been plowed out yet, you don’t even have to leave home.



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Published by Beauty & Bluejeans - Beauty for Rural Living

Monica is an  Independent Sales Representative from a small town (900 people) in central Idaho.  She has received awards for sales growth and awards sales levels of $20,000+ for the past several years.  She is a wife, a mother,  a grandmother, and RN.   She has built a social selling business both in person (traditional door to door) and online (with company sponsored e-store) 

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