Gonna Add this one too my cart

So we’ve reached the last day of my  5 part “mini series” review of the Avon ANEW Vitamin C  product line.  Today I’m discussing the new Vitamin C Illuminating Priming Moisturizer (boy that’s a mouth full).

If you’ve followed along with the other blog posts, you already know how impressed I am with the Vitamin C line up, so you probably already have an idea of what I’m gonna say.   Well maybe not.  I have to be completely transparent, I’ve only tried this primer a couple of times, and I actually used another primer (Magix with SPF) over the top of it.  Not something I normally do, but it’s July, and I’m outside quite a bit.

So what does my website say about the Vitamin C Primer… It says, the vitamin C Primer “is made with brightening vitamin C and skin-smoothing silicones”.  So that explains why it seemed to fill in my fine lines.  “It is a revitalizing primer that instantly illuminates and hydrates your complexion for a healthy, radiant look. Its moisturizing formula blurs imperfections to create the perfect canvas for makeup application or a beautifully bare finish”.  It goes on further to say  the benefits include  – Enhances the staying power of your makeup, and you can wear alone or under makeup and that it can be used with any skin care routine.

So what did you think?  If you’ve tried the new Vitamin C Primer leave a comment, and let me know what you thought. I’m definitely gonna add this to my cart, and give a full bottle a try.

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