Not in the Brochure

Lots of times, Limited Edition items appear on my website that are not in the brochure. This is due to the limited supply on hand. Items are usually in the Home Category, and not a regular item.

Just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner, the Kitchen Essentials section has several Limited Edition items that are perfect for every kitchen.

First the Stainless Steel Storage Bowls Set of 5 . These first caught me eye because of the Lids. Imagine being able to mix up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies, and then store them in the fridge until you have time to bake them. The Smallest measures 4″ wide and the largest 7″.

I next noticed the 10 Piece Microwavable Bowl Set . The Set includes 5 bowls and 5 matching lids. Perfect for those Thanksgiving leftovers. Store in the Fridge, and re-heat in the same bowl. What a Time Saver that will be on those busy fall days.

And Speaking of Microwavable, Who enjoys cleaning the microwave after someone has re-heated a plate of leftovers? The 5 Size Microwave Food Cover Set saves the splatter from getting on the microwave walls. The sizes range from 4.5″ in diameter to a whooping 8.8″ diameter. Never worry about splattering the microwave walls again.

I personally have several AVON kitchen items in my home that I use on a daily basis. I try to order when I see them on the website, because when their gone, they are gone. As with all our limited edition items, only a few are available, and no backorders are available.

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