Eye Liner UPDATE

I just wanted to quickly update you on what I’ve found to replace our Beloved Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner.

Believe it or not, it’s a Long Time Favorite of many. It has over 500+ reviews and a 4.3 customer rating. But, Why do I think it’s a great replacement for our liquid eye-liner?

Smudge-proof, is always my first priority when choosing an eyeliner. Sharp, Fine Line is my second priority. and Thirdly I want something that is easy to use. (NO sharpener Needed)

Well the Always on Point eye-liner scores in all three . The unique design of the cap is the trick to keeping the sharp, fine line. When you twist to close the cap, it sharpens the pencil to a fine point, so it’s Always on Point.

With 2 shades, Black Brown, and Black, the colors will look great on anyone. (of course I prefer the Black). Did I also mention that it is waterproof, fade proof and is Free of Parabens, sulfates and talc.

So When you use the last of you Super Extend Liquid Eye Line up, Give the Always on Point eye liner in Black a Try. I Think you’ll be pleased with the likeness to our Beloved Liquid Eye Liner.

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