Revitalizing Beauty Sweepstakes

This Month’s Sweepstakes Revitalizing Beauty – WOW is all I can Say. And remember, there is absolutely no purchase necessary to be entered. Simply complete the online entry form, submit and wait for the email that says you’ve won.

So Many of My FAVES, the ones that I don’t always have the budget for FAVES. The Collagen Boosters are probably some of my high end Skin Care favorites. Believe it or not, even the Collagen Powder mixes great with my morning Coffee, and made a tremendous difference when I was taking it. I saw a decrease in Lines around my eyes and mouth.

And Even though I’m not a Grapefruit lover, the Sparking Grapefruit and Orange Blossom Collection is among some of my customers favorites. So What would I do if I won the Sweepstakes? With So Many Special occasions coming up, Who wouldn’t’ love to receive a Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Soap and Hand Cream as a Gift.

Even though I’m not a big parfum type of person (Especially when I’m doing In Home Foot Care) Prima and Prima Noir are both feminine floral scents, that really are timeless and ageless. Besides I store my parfum in a dark cabinet, so I can extend the life since I don’t use that much.

The Final touch in the Revitalizing Beauty Sweepstakes Package comes from fmg. Enhanced Eyes Cashmere Eye Shadow Paillette complete with eye shadow blending brush. ,fmg Glimmer Liquid Eye Liner, I’m So Glad it returned. I swear by the liquid eyeliner for all day wear without smudging or bleeding. And Finally the luxurious Cashmere Satin Lip Cream in a soft neutral Nude Pink color. Not only does the Cashmere Satin Lip Cream have a great pigmentation, it softens and cares for lips With antioxidant vitamins C and E, shea butter, avocado, and coconut oils.

So What are you waiting for, Enter the Monthly Sweepstakes (No Purchase Necessary)

Published by Beauty & Bluejeans - Beauty for Rural Living

Monica is an  Independent Sales Representative from a small town (900 people) in central Idaho.  She has received awards for sales growth and awards sales levels of $20,000+ for the past several years.  She is a wife, a mother,  a grandmother, and RN.   She has built a social selling business both in person (traditional door to door) and online (with company sponsored e-store) 

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