Luxury in the Shade of You

As we enter into a New School Year, I wish to update you on the Changes in My Life.

In July we moved into a older farm house, just outside of the Tiny Town of Ferdinand. After 30 years in our home in Cottonwood, it has been quite a challenge to get everything boxed, packed and moved. We still have several boxes that remain unpacked. Although this house was built quite a bit after our house in Cottonwood, it still requires much work. But the best part is the acreage we purchased with the home. As we begin building fences, knocking down weeds, and revising the landscaping each day it is looking more like our home.

That brings me to some of our newest products. First Cashmere Cushion Foundation. If you recall we had cushion foundation in the past, and I loved the coverage. Plus as an added bonus, no spills when traveling. We also have updated concealers and a compact powder.

Some of my favorite Newest Products are the additions to the ELASTINE Hair care Line. The new house gets it’s water from a spring, so the first week my hair took a beating. No matter what I did, It seemed I couldn’t even get a comb through it on some days. Than goodness I figured out a Couple of things. First I began using the Elastine Botanicals Rosemary & Sea Salt Shampoo – the salt tremendously with the hard water from the spring. Second I added the Elastine Moisture Conditioner and followed that with the New Elastine Hair Oil Serum. Now I can get a comb through my hair once again.

My hands have also taken a beating, and I needed to change my hand soaps PLUS increased my use of hand creams. Thank Goodness the back cover featured special is BUY ONE hand cream GET ONE free.

As I navigate the New House, Increase my time with family, and add new Foot Care Clients, I discover that I have had decrease time for my AVON business. As School starts and Fall Approaches I hope to get back to a more consistent schedule.

As always, contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

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Monica is an  Independent Sales Representative from a small town (900 people) in central Idaho.  She has received awards for sales growth and awards sales levels of $20,000+ for the past several years.  She is a wife, a mother,  a grandmother, and RN.   She has built a social selling business both in person (traditional door to door) and online (with company sponsored e-store) 

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