Have a Bug-Free carefree Summer

Summer means Bug Guard Season, get bug and sun protection all in one with the Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition Line. Not only do you get protection against mosquitoes, deer ticks, no-seeums, sandflies, gnats and biting midgets, you get the added benefit of 28-30 SPF.

The Bug Guard Plus Picardin Line works best when bugs are most active, in the early dawn and at dusk right before dark. And in addition to the aerosol and Pump Sprays, it comes in convenient towelettes. (I keep a couple in my purse)

Protection is also available in our Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Gentle Breeze Lotion – in addition to SPF of 30, protection against bugs it is also water-resistant.

Campaign 10, 2023 is all about our bug guard specials. The dates are May 10th to May 23rd, and the FREE Gifts with Purchase, special prices and Wow Deals are only available on these dates, and only available when you purchase through an Independent Sales Representative.

FREE Gifts with Purchase

Bug Guard Insulated Tote with 2 Bug Guard Purchases

JeJu Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel with $20 The Face Shop Purchase

Elevated Eyelash Curler with any CathyCat Makeup Purchase

TPSY Tote Bag with any TPSY Makeup Purchase

Reveen Cuba Lying on a Cloud Mini Hand Cream with any women’s fragrance purchase of $25

Black Suede Eau de Toilette with any men’s fragrance purchase of $30

WOW Deal – 5 piece set for $40     – includes  Rare Amethyst Eau de Parfum, Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Day Cream, Isa Knox LXNEW Clinical Booster Pore Perfecter, Elastine PorpoliThera Damage Repair Conditioner, Elastine PropoliThera Serum Treatment

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Published by Beauty & Bluejeans - Beauty for Rural Living

Monica is an  Independent Sales Representative from a small town (900 people) in central Idaho.  She has received awards for sales growth and awards sales levels of $20,000+ for the past several years.  She is a wife, a mother,  a grandmother, and RN.   She has built a social selling business both in person (traditional door to door) and online (with company sponsored e-store) 

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