How to back order Avon online

Many customers have asked me how to “back order” from your online e-store.  This often happened when you see something is on sale in a previous campaign, but didn’t get your order in.

We all love to get someone on sale, and with Avon you can order from a previous campaign.  The first step is to go to the website

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If your viewing from your phone it will look something like this.  There is a drop down menu on the upper right corner.  Open the menu.


When the menu opens you’ll be able to select  order by product number


Once you open the shop by product number, a screen opens that allows you to change the campaign.


If viewing on a laptop or computer it’ll look something like this. You’ll find the shop by product number link on the upper right side.


When you click  product #,  you’ll be taken directly to the order by campaign and number menu.  You’ll be able to change the campaign number for the lower price.


Remember you can only go back the previous two campaigns.  Also remember if it is a new product it might not be available in a previous campaign.  Also keep in mind that if it is a discontinued, limited efitedi or while supplies last product, it might not be available in another campaign.


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