My “Main Squeeze” for naturally Radiant Skin

I really wasn’t sure about the Vitamin C Warming Peel when it was first introduced.  The thought of something that got warm when it was mixed with water, was just strange.  But, I have to admit I’m really glad I got that first tube.  I’m now using my 3rd or 4th tube, and try to keep one in the cabinet in case I run out.

This has become one of my “main squeezes”  for naturally radiant skin. The invigorating face peel gently exfoliates skin, and as I mentioned it has a  warming sensation when activated with water.  Even though I don’t have much problem with acne or blemishes, it is very effective in cleaning pores and exfoliating dead skin.  That’s probably why it leaves my skin so much brighter.

It has a dual exfoliator as it combines vitamin C flakes and natural seeds to buff skin.  That helps to leave the skin instantly feeling softer and looking brighter. It has been Allergy and dermatologist-tested, and is free of Alcohol, phthalate, paraben or petroleum.

I keep it in my shower where I use it a couple times a week to cleansed skin. It’s really simple to use, I usually squeeze a glob into my hand, just to activate the warning sensation and then  smooth over my face, then gently massage  for a few minutes. I even massage onto my shoulders, neck line and upper arms.  I then rinse it off with the water from the shower, and finishing removing any remaining with a sponge.  

The reason I love the Vitamin C Warming Peel is the way it leaves my skin, super soft.

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