My Favorite Skincare Serum

Trying new soon care products is always exciting, nerve racking, and a bit scary.  As an Independent Avon Representative, I frequently try new skin care products to give me a better idea of which to recommend. I have to admit though, I’m still particular partial to Vitamin C Serum.  

It’s packed with as much vitamin C as in 30 oranges, this serum illuminates dull, tired skin to look visibly energized. I find that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel sticky like some serums can.

During a clinical study, 99% of women agreed it instantly boosts radiance and it’s clinically proven to brighten skin after the first use by up to 44%.  I noticed that my skin texture is visibly improved and my skin tone looks better.  Even though I’m not a fan of citrus, the serum has a light citrus & musk scent. 

Even though, the Vitamin C Serum can be used both AM and PM, after cleansing, I usually only use it at night. I simply smooth the serum gently over your skin in an upward and outward motion.

Knowing what good results I get from the Vitamin C Serum, I’m looking forward to trying the entire  Vitamin C Lineup

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