The Holy Grail of Face Perfecting

Who has time to spend getting the perfect face each and every morning.  I certainly don’t, and I’m betting you don’t either.  What we want is a simple, quick, easy “fix it”.  Something that smooths out fine lines, tightens pores, blurs imperfections, reduces shine, and For me, I also want something that protects my skin from sun damage, and moisturizes. 

That’s a long list of demands. What if I told you, one simple, inexpensive product could do it.  I mean, offer shine-stopping, pore-diffusing, line-blurring and sun-protection in one simple, easy step.  Seems almost to good to be true, almost. 

Meet the holy grail of skin perfecting.  The Magix Prime  primer smooths the way for flawless, all-day wear. 

It’s like a magician in a tube.

With ingredients such as Rose Extract and Fleece Flower Extract it can Instantly create a soft- focus matte finish, that feels  weightless and sheer.  It has thousands of microspheres that perfect the small imperfections we all have, regardless of age or skin tone.  And guess what it’s colorless, so anyone can use it.

It can be worn alone, under your makeup, and even over your makeup.  What?  This really is a multipurpose, simple, quick, easy “fix it”.  And it doesn’t cost a fortune.  I know I’ve been looking for something like this, and I bet you have too.

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