Campaign 6 is live!

I’m so excited about the newest addition to our portfolio in Campaign 6 .  

Our popular belif lineup celebrates 1 year with Avon.  And did you know, even though you can find belif at other stores (such as “Sephora”) you can only get the special pricing through an AVON REPRESENTATIVE.  It’s just one more way, we are saving you money.

… I’m so super excited about the progress on I’ve been updating, organizing products, and blog posts from the past couple years.  All in an effort to make it easier for you to find what your looking for.

AND.. (as if this message isn’t long enough already)…..

Pure Essential Oils,. Yes you read that right,. Essential Oils.  And we even have a diffuser to go with them.  PLUS,. We’ve added a few Roll On’s ready to use. (meaning the oils have already been mixed with a carrier, so they’re sale for you skin)

As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 

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