What I’ve Changed Since Wearing a Face Mask

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve been having problems with my makeup, especially my eye makeup, smearing when my glasses steam up from my mask. Yes, I’ve tried several tricks to keep my glasses from steaming up, but none really worked that great. So I started trying different makeup techniques to see if that would help, and this is what I came up with.

I First Start with a Primer, the Magix Prime Face Perfector was just what I was looking for. And, If you know me well, the added benefit of the SPF 20 was right up my alley. The Face Perfector helps to visibly minimize pores and my fine experience lines (as I like to call them). It just seems to blurr them away. I also noticed that it helps my pores tighten up, especially around my nose, due to the Rose Extract. My face also feels silky smooth with the added moisturizing benefits of Fleece Flower Extract.

I Follow the Primer with a Tinted Moisturizer, Yes you read that right, a Tinted Moisturizer. Never thought you’d hear me say that, but I like the lightweight feel, it’s sheer and I can build, or add more if I need more coverage. With a face mask on, the Tinted Moisturizer doesn’t feel as heavy as a thicker foundation did. I also like the fact that it helps keep my skin hydrated with Vitamin E and B5. Plus, it’s Infused with passion fruit, Chia seed and Sunflower Seed.

I finish up with a Powder. But not just any powder. I’ve shied away from powders the last several years, because they just seem to settle in lines & wrinkles, making them worse. But, the Magix Dust Finishing Powder doesn’t seem to do that. It’s a pure mineral powder with ultrafine minerals and gems – tourmaline, powder ruby and rose quartz. It also has green tea extract to smooth skin and enhance my natural complexion. And the fact it’s 100% naturally derived was a plus in my book.

With the latest information that we may be wearing face masks for the foreseeable future, Changing up my makeup seemed like a necessary evil. I mean, when you have something you like, it’s really hard to give it up. Going lighter with foundation, starting with a primer and finding a powder that didn’t enhance my “experience” lines has been a Change for the better.

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