3 Days to Better Skin – Day 3

We’ve reached the final day of 3 Days to Better Skin.

Today our focus is on protection of our skin with sunscreen.  By definition, sunscreen is anything that protects our skin from UV Radiation before it has a chance to reach our skin.

We could cover all areas of our body, including our face, with clothing to block the damaging UV Radiation, but that is not realistic. At least not for me.  I use a facial sunscreen daily. The purpose of a sunscreen is to either absorb, scatter or reflect those damaging rays to keep them from reaching our skin.

No matter what the ingredients are in a sunscreen, if it’s labeled sunscreen, it is tested and regulated to meet the same set of standards.  The United States Food & Drug Administration recommends using a Broad Spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more.


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A broad Spectrum Sunscreen protects us from all harmful UV Radiation.  A Non broad spectrum sunscreen, will usually only protect from getting sunburned.  It won’t protect skin from the underlying damage that UV rays can cause.

Sunscreens are rated by their Sun Protection Factor, or SPF.  The SPF helps determine how much longer you can stay in the sun before you get burned.  For example if a person can stay in the sun for 10 minutes before getting burned, than a SPF of 30 would allow that person to stay in the sun for 300 minutes (10 x 30) before getting sunburned.  

Although, sunscreen can protect and individual from sun damage, it’s effectiveness is as unique as the user and also depends on a person’s skin type, the application of the sunscreen and the water (and sweat) resistance of the product.

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