3 Days to Better Skin – Day 2

On Day 2 of 3 Days to Better Skin we are focusing on Preserving or skin. Another way of saying treating and moisturizing our skin.

The choice of moisturizers are limitless, and you can use different moisturizers in the morning and on the evening.  You can also use different moisturizers and treatments on different days off the week depending on what your son is needing.


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I try to read the label, or ingredients listed on whatever I put on my face, as those different ingredients determine what a treatment or moisturizer will do for my skin.

If  skin is dry, focus on the left ingredient of hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that helps to boost the moisture in skin.  But what happens if skin has lost its firmness and definition, peptides and caffeine may be beneficial.  the Anew Platinum Skin Care system seems to help with this problem.  To help diminish visible pores you might try a moisturizer with lactic acid, or something with a  Vita Tone Complex.  

To help improve radiance, and brightness my favorite skin care Ingredient is Vitamin C.  I use vitamin c serum every night.  But what happens if you have blemishes or acne?  Then the best ingredient to look for is Salicylic Acid.  

As I said, I use different a treatments and moisturizers on different days, and I  So how do I know what to use first when using more than one product. General rule of thumb.. lightest to heaviest.

To determine which is the lightest, I’ll put a small amount of each product on my arm.  Which ever one runs first is usually a lighter formula, and so I put it on first. Wait a bit (about 30 seconds) and then use the next one.  Another rule of thumb to use is usually a serum is lighter than a cream.

You can choose to use several different moisturizers or treatments, depending on the time of day (am or pm) or even different days, but it is recommended to limit use to 2 different products at a time.  More than that will probably not be absorbed into your skin.

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