Campaign 4 is live. 2021

 As you Flip through the pages of  Campaign 4,. You’ll notice more and more diverse products.  I’ve been pleased with the new Cucina Kitchen Essentials. And, You’ll find some fantastic ideas at the NEW Valentine’s Day Boutique … And here’s your chance to win the Monthly Sweepstakes Romantic Beauty .. it’s FREE to enter, justContinue reading “Campaign 4 is live. 2021”

Care for what you have

Have you ever wondered why it seems some people always have nice things.  Why is it that some people have everything. Years ago I had the opportunity to meet a German Family. It was one of the summer our family was”, living in a camper neat one of my dad’s job sites. This family IContinue reading “Care for what you have”

Valentine’s Day Recollection

It’s kinda funny how today sorta crept up on me. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day, happens every year, on the same date, but this year is just different. It’s only been a few short years ago I was forced with the realization that we were spinning our wheels, and still sliding backwards. So todayContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Recollection”