Get Discounts on things you use daily.

Do you know someone who could use a few extra $.? Maybe you have a 2021 Graduate that is headed off to college and wants to make some spending money.   Have you ever thought, “I wish I could save on things I use daily” (shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, laundry soap, dish soap). As an Avon Representative,Continue reading “Get Discounts on things you use daily.”

“I need some of that line eraser stuff”

I recently gave a sample of the  Line Eraser with Retinol to a customer.  If you follow along on my blog you already know what happened last spring when I ran out.  It took me about a week before I noticed a drastic change in my face.  So imagine how surprised I was when my customer usedContinue reading ““I need some of that line eraser stuff””

Liquid Lipstick? Is it really that good?

It’s been said that a woman can never have too many lipsticks.  Which might be true, but most of us have our favorite. I bet you much like me, you reach for a few favorite colors and formulas regardless of how many colors are stashed in your makeup bag. I actually like to try allContinue reading “Liquid Lipstick? Is it really that good?”

Did you miss the Virtual Sales Meeting?

Are you an Avon Representative, who finds it hard to attend the virtual sales meetings.  Did you know you can view the meetings at your convenience from Avon U? Not an Avon Representative, you can join now. Use referral code nuxoll @ Start Avon. So how do you get to the virtual sales meetings inContinue reading “Did you miss the Virtual Sales Meeting?”

Should you sell Avon?

I seriously have to admit I never started with Avon to make money.  In fact I joined to help my daughter. My mother was taking about “retirement”, and decided she was gonna stop selling Avon, so my daughter suggested that we become representatives and that way my mom would know her “Avon people” would beContinue reading “Should you sell Avon?”

Set a Goal Everyday

  Not everyday do I reach my goals… But having a goal keeps me from running around like a chicken without my head… I actually have a day/week/month planner that I’ve developed for myself and print from a spreadsheet program. It sitd on my dining room table on a clipboard. I try to focus onContinue reading “Set a Goal Everyday”

Create Your Digital Business Card (for free)

You’ve probably heard many people, especially those in direct sales, such as Independent AVON Sales Representative talk  about sharing their digital business card. There are several paid programs you can use to create a card, but I’m pretty cheap, and didn’t want to spend the money.  So after reviewing several programs, and reading several blog postsContinue reading “Create Your Digital Business Card (for free)”

Don’t get eaten up this summer- Bug Guard Review

With Memorial Day fast approaching and the first weekend of summer camping it’s time to think about those pesky bugs.  With so many different insect repellent on the market it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to use. It appears the ones with DEET seem to work the best. But do you really wantContinue reading “Don’t get eaten up this summer- Bug Guard Review”

Care for what you have

Have you ever wondered why it seems some people always have nice things.  Why is it that some people have everything. Years ago I had the opportunity to meet a German Family. It was one of the summer our family was”, living in a camper neat one of my dad’s job sites. This family IContinue reading “Care for what you have”

Affirm Yourself product review

I’m actually pretty much sceptical when it comes to products that claim to make a difference. Especially if it’s a cream that claims to firm up, and define.  So imagine my surprise when I found a product that actually did firm up the flabby skin on my arms. I thought I was noticing a difference,Continue reading “Affirm Yourself product review”

Valentine’s Day Recollection

It’s kinda funny how today sorta crept up on me. Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day, happens every year, on the same date, but this year is just different. It’s only been a few short years ago I was forced with the realization that we were spinning our wheels, and still sliding backwards. So todayContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Recollection”