Choose Your Own Lifestyle

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I took my life into a new direction.  4 years ago I would have been at work, yes even on a Sunday. I was working 50+ hours a week and missing yet another memory with my kids.. So much has changed since then.  Today, I spent theContinue reading “Choose Your Own Lifestyle”

Mystic Halloween Makeup

Well it’s the middle of October, and we have snow, yes again.  So it’s time to share another Halloween Makeup look. This one could be created using any color scheme you want.  I just did it with what I have in my makeup bag. (Remember there is no need to go out and get “HalloweenContinue reading “Mystic Halloween Makeup”

Ghoulish Halloween Makeup

With fall comes thoughts of Halloween.  Dressing up isn’t just for the kids. Why not dress up this year.  If it’s the time and gathering supplies that keeps you from dressing up a few quick tricks is what you need. Watch the video They is no need to think out and buy makeup from theContinue reading “Ghoulish Halloween Makeup”

Does your teenager need an acne skin care system?

It’s that time of year when we think about school.  The truth is, teenagers go through so many changes during this time. For many it involves a new school, learning to go from classroom to classroom for classes, and dealing with hormonal changes and puberty.  With all these demands on our teenagers, it’s no wonderContinue reading “Does your teenager need an acne skin care system?”

Quick & Easy Halloween Makeup – Glitter Cat

Do you have a box of Halloween makeup stashed away?  Me Too. I often wonder why.  Why do I hold on to that box of half used Halloween props, especially the makeup that just sits there for years. Yes I used it when my children were small, we would get it out and use itContinue reading “Quick & Easy Halloween Makeup – Glitter Cat”

Set a Goal Everyday

  Not everyday do I reach my goals… But having a goal keeps me from running around like a chicken without my head… I actually have a day/week/month planner that I’ve developed for myself and print from a spreadsheet program. It sitd on my dining room table on a clipboard. I try to focus onContinue reading “Set a Goal Everyday”

Do you need a vitamin supplement

Believe it or not most of us actually need to have a vitamin supplement.  I know what your probably thinking, but I had a doctor tell me we should be able to get all of our nutrition from our food.  But, do you? Do you eat a full, balanced diet every meal, every day or doContinue reading “Do you need a vitamin supplement”