Choose Your Own Lifestyle

Hard to believe it’s been 4 years since I took my life into a new direction.  4 years ago I would have been at work, yes even on a Sunday. I was working 50+ hours a week and missing yet another memory with my kids.. So much has changed since then.  Today, I spent theContinue reading “Choose Your Own Lifestyle”

Hey it’s the Avon Lady

The “AVON Lady” and the “AVON Brochure” are iconic figures in American history. For over 140 years AVON Ladies have been sharing beauty products with people across the globe.  Generations of women have grown up thumbing through their mom’s issue of the bimonthly AVON Brochure and looking forward to placing orders. While Generations of youngContinue reading “Hey it’s the Avon Lady”

What is a White Elephant gift exchange?

 As we quickly approach the Holiday season, you probably have a few, or many, parties scheduled already.  Many of these gatherings included a white elephant gift exchange. So if you’ve never participated in a white elephant gift exchange. A White Elephant Gift Exchange is a popular game played during the holidays in which people bringContinue reading “What is a White Elephant gift exchange?”

Do Expectations lead to Disappoint?

Do you find that your expectations lead to your disappointment?  I’m not so sure it’s the expectation that causes someone to be disappointed. When I was in the position as a  director nursing services, I was told by a consultant that members of our team would live up to my expectations.  So I blindly believedContinue reading “Do Expectations lead to Disappoint?”

Create Your Digital Business Card (for free)

You’ve probably heard many people, especially those in direct sales, such as Independent AVON Sales Representative talk  about sharing their digital business card. There are several paid programs you can use to create a card, but I’m pretty cheap, and didn’t want to spend the money.  So after reviewing several programs, and reading several blog postsContinue reading “Create Your Digital Business Card (for free)”

I’ve been broke many times, but I’ve never been poor

Just like everything in life,  wealth is based on your perception.  Lately I’ve been told several times “we weren’t rich like you growing up”. Or ” we grew up poor, and couldn’t afford to have nice things”  or my favorite ” poor people have poor ways”  (which is a topic for another discussion) I neverContinue reading “I’ve been broke many times, but I’ve never been poor”