Return to Bali

The favorite Summer Perfume Far Away Bali  is back for good.   And You can get it for FREE with 2 Fragrance Purchases.  

Introducing  fmg Match Wand Correcting Stick.  Similar to our Match Wand Foundation Stick the Correcting Stick comes in 3 colors to help Neutralize skin unevenness, brighten and color correct with one swipe!

Introducing Isa Knox LXNEW Ultimate Rejuvenating Multi-Balm Stick. About the size of a lipstick so you can Pop it in your purse. Giving you the freedom to  and apply to eyes, forehead and neck, or anywhere you want extra care on the go.  

And some great FREE with Purchase Offers

 FREE Imari Amor Eau de Parfum, with two select C7 Brochure fragrance purchase!  FREE Anew Power Serum, with select $40 skin care purchase!

 FREE re:tune Inner Beauty Hunger Block with select $30 wellness purchase!  

 FREE fmg Glimmer Lip Polish, with select two fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick purchases.

FREE Two Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing Lip Treatment Sticks Free, with select body care purchases.. (INCLUDING HAIR CARE)

 The Wow Deal for Campaign 7 is a  6-Piece Set That includes  Jumbo-Size Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream,  Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol, Bonus-Size Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual Bath Oil, Senses Cucumber Melon Bubble Bath, Elastine Moisture Essentials Volume Shampoo & Conditioner For ONLY $40

AVON Campaign 6, 2023 will be available from March 15th to March 28th. Among the Best of Beauty Highlights for this campaign include the Introduction of – Skin so Soft for Acne Prone Skin – with Salicylic Acid, Rosemary Oil, With Formulas specific For your Face – Soothing Spot Gel and Foaming Cleanser, and Formulas specific F or Body – Soothing Gel, Exfoliating Body Wash, Gentle Body Wash, Body Pads

The Other exciting news from Campaign 6 include 4 FREE Gift with Purchase Offers

FREE – Luxe Lashes Duo -= LOVE at First Lash Waterproof and Elevated Eyelash Curler – with $25 Makeup Purchase

FREE Power Serum with $40 skin Care Purchase

FREE retune Inner Beauty Hunger Block with and $30 Wellness Purchase (including essential oils and supplements)

FREE Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Hand Cream with any body care or hair care purchase – (including Physiogel Hypoallergenic Collection which has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by The National Eczema Association” and Elastine Salon de color Collection & the Dr. Groot Gradual Effect gray to brown Shampoo and Conditioner)

This Campaigns WOW deal is a 4 piece Set for only $40 with a $154 Value. the Deal includes Jumbo Anew Platinum Night Cream, Power Serum, Bonus Size Skin So Soft Radiant moisture Bath oil and Rare Gold Intense Parfum

See Your Beauty Bloom

Campaign 5, 2023, is available from March 1st to March 14, and focuses on the Isa Know LX New Skin Care Line. When using this line (or any skin care for that matter) it’s best to start Fresh with a Clean face. Next comes the serums and moisturizers. LX NEW Ultimate collection is created with a rare-peony extract and helps with multiple signs of aging.  LX NEW Platinum Line is created with Hibiscus Flower extract and helps firm up sagging skin.  

Now for the icing on the cake – Spend $30 on LX NEW skin care and get a FREE isa knox LXNEW Ultimate Rejuvenating Day Cream (limited time) . Want more FREE stuff, Get a FREE – Studio 1886 Gentleman Aftershave Lotion with $30 Men’s Fragrance Purchase.

OR maybe you would rather Buy One and Get One . The BOGO offers for this campaign include –Anew Ultimate Night Repair Serum & Roll-on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Plus you’ll find many more special offers when you shop online.

Another BIG Sale all Lip Balms are only 99 cents each., and it’s that time of year when everyone is reaching for chapstick. It’s warm enough to be outside, but with snow on the ground, it’s still dry enough to need extra moisturizer for your lips. At the 99 cent price, you could put one in every coat pocket.

Finally the WOW Deal has a $136 value and you can get the 5 piece set for Only $40. That’s almost like buying the Green Godess facial oil and receiving the Vitamin C Dry Body Oil, , Skin so Soft Original Bath Oil, Skin So Soft Gelled Body Oil, and Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Coconut Oil Body Wash all for FREE.

WoW, Check Out those Nails

Once again AVON offers Nail Colors, Clear Coat , Nail Stickers and Eraser Pen. For those of you that are close to me, you may notice that my fingernails are ALWAYS painted. I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have painted nails. That’s why I was SO Excited to have Nail Colors Again.

fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer – 10 SHADES

The NEW fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer is available in 10 Shades, and offers sax shine and vivid color. This Lacquer produces a salon-worthy manicure that lasts! I had mine on for over a week with NO Chips. fmg’s Glimmer Nail Lacquer boasts a gel-like, cushion texture and includes a silky nail-strengthening formula, that’s good for your nails. The Colors dry to a smooth and even finish for a lasting wear.

Heads Up though, What I have found works the best it to take the time to really mix the pain in the bottle before applying it to your nails. I set a timer for 2 minutes on my phone, then commence to shaking the Lacquer before I apply it. What I’ve found it the Color will Dry MUCH quicker, if I take the 2 minutes before hand. Otherwise, it seems like it takes forever for the Lacquer to dry (probably more like 5 minutes to a soft dry and 15 to a hard dry).. I usually paint my nails late in the evening after my evening facial skin care routine, and after everyone else has gone to bed. That way, I’m not tempted to do something before they are fully dried.

fmg Glimmer Nail Base and Top Coat

This unique, two-in-one option is a real win-win. It be used as a Base Coat to keep colors from staining fingernails. The formula is breathable, and “hugs” your nails to provide a smooth base to prime nails prior to adding color )or stickers). It an also be used as a Top Coat to provide a glossy, sheer protection to help keep nails strong. The extra strength from the top coat helps to keep your manicure from chipping and streaking. And It works wonders over nail stickers to help keep them in place and guards from peeling.


Fun at your fingertips! Who doesn’t love to have just a bit of flash. With the fmg Nail Stickers, you can add just a bit of flash to your hands with a couple accent nails. It’s like an at-home manicure made easy! The Easy-to-apply glossy gel nail stickers add a fun patterns to your nails without having to take a trip to the salon. No-mess application doesn’t require additional tools or dry time. The stickers are available in fun prints that are perfect for any occasion. And Since each set includes 14 stickers, your sure to find one that fits your fingernails. I share the few that are a bit to small for my fingernails with my granddaughters. If you have never used nail stickers before, be sure to follow the directions. Start with clean nails, find the size to fit your finger, peel off the back, stick to your nail, and file off excess. It’s really that simple. I usually follow with a coat of fmg Glimmer Nail Base and Top Coat.

fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer Eraser Pen

…and Now, Finally a way to g Get mistake-free Manis at home!  No more dipping a q-tip in polish remover, and hope you don’t ruin your freshly painted fingernail. You don’t have to be a pro. fmg’s innovative Glimmer Nail Lacquer Eraser Pen glides over nail edges. It reminds me of a felt tip marker, and is angled for very precise removal of polish that lies just outside your nail. Simply remove the cap and use after applying nail lacquer for a clean and perfected manicure. When your finished, you may notice a hint of color on the tip, but don’t worry the Eraser Pen still works fantastically.

Colors of Spring

I’ve been asked several times if AVON was bringing back their Nail Lacquer.  Well Here it is fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer is available in  10 SHADES. I have found that if I mix the lacquer for a full minute by rolling between your palms, and let it fully dry between coats, I have better results.

I have also been using the fmg Glimmer Nail Base and Top Coat. This two-in-one base and top coat can be used under and over lacquer or be used alone for a clear protective layer on your natural nails.  Did I mention that is is “breathable” 

But my favorite New Nail Care product is fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer Eraser Pen. I’ve used polish remover pens before, but this one glides over nail edges better than any I’ve tried. 

I’ve also used our fmg Glimmer Nail Stickers and have been quite pleased.. Each set contains 14 stickers, the smallest ones are too small for my nails, I share them with my Granddaughters.  

FREE Gifts with Purchase in Campaign 4

FREE SPRING FLING DUO – fmg Glimmer Nail Lacquer Eraser Pan and fmg Precision Eye Brush with $30 fmg Glimmer Makeup Purchase

FREE FARM RX SPECIAL TRIAL KIT  with $40 Skin Care Purchase 

FREE STUDIO 1886 GENTLEMAN AFTERSHAVE LOTION  with $30 Mens Fragrance Purchase  

And Buy One Roll On Deodorant and Get One Free(same scent) 

I’m also very pleased to see the Spring Cleaning Done Right Bundle 6 piece set only $22.99 with any $10 brochure purchase.  I use all the products included in this great bundle. 

An Attitude of Gratitude

It has been said that the best attitude to have is one of Gratitude. Being grateful for things we have helps to develop a brighter outlook on life, a better attitude. This attitude carries through not only in our homes, but how we interact with others. When we are grateful for someone we have a tendency to treat them differently. If we are thankful someone is in our lives, we will be happy to help them when needed, put their needs ahead of our own, and keep their feelings in mind when we speak. on the contrary, if we feel someone is a bother to us, we treat them in that manner, and often become resentful when they ask for help, think of ourselves first, and have little to no concern for what we do that might hurt their feelings.

But, the problem is how can we develop a sense of gratitude. I have found that if I unselfishly take care of myself everyday, I am in a better mind set of gratitude of those around me. If I simply do a little self care, I am able to care for others much easier, and even feel grateful that I am able to help them.

In our busy lives, it is sometimes impossible to take care of ourselves. That’s why the NEW Avon Senses Gratitude Lavender & Cedarwood Collection was a great addition to the senses line. And just in time for a healthy New Year. With a Lavender and Cedarwood Scent the collection creates a relaxing and calming scent experience creating a self care moment during normal daily activities. Once we care for ourselves, it becomes much easier to adopt an attitude of Gratitude.

When faced with a limited amount of time, try 7 oz., single wick soy Candle. Just light and create a private sanctuary with this luxurious scented candle that blends notes of soothing lavender and aromatic cedarwood to help you achieve a sense of inner peace.  Or, if you prefer an Air Diffuser to Scent your space a beautifully fragranced air diffuser that disperses the soothing scent of lavender and aromatic cedarwood, If your want results quickly try the Room Spray. With a few spritzes of Lavender and Cedarwood Spray, you can breathe easy and freshen up your space, and instantly refresh your home and create a relaxing atmosphere. I find It’s easier to have a sense of gratitude when I am more relaxed, and not stressed out by all the things I need to get done. In fact I am often more productive the more relaxed I am. Thus I can create a sense of gratitude, just by finishing tasks in a more relaxed manner.

If you have a ten to fifteen minutes to spare, treat yourself to a long shower with Shower Steamer. Simply place one on a shelf in your shower, someplace the water will not hit directly, and de-stress! Take a deep breath during your normal shower and feel the worries melt away. The beautiful scent of the shower steamers release notes of soothing lavender and aromatic cedarwood. Infused with lavender flower, these bath time essentials help you create a spa experience and achieve a sense of inner peace.

If you have a half an hour, why not take q nice relaxing soak in the tub with Bath Salts, and feel the stress melt away. These luxurious bath salts are infused with sea salt, glycerin and sunflower seed oil. The formula leaves the body feeling soft and relaxed, Why Not light the candle and create an entire bathroom full of relaxing lavender and cedarwood.

Now, I know many of us dream of having the time daily to care for ourselves, but in reality, it’s not always that simple. I do encourage you to take a few moments each day to stop and smell the lavender and cedarwood, and remember to think of all you are grateful for and all those people in your life that you are grateful for. Who knows, maybe taking the time to develop an attitude of gratitude might even reduce unnecessary stress, and even increase your productivity and what you can accomplish.

Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Seems like 2023 is off and running, and it seems like it’s already going too fast. It’s hard to believe we are in Campaign 3, 2023 already. The Introduction of new senses bath and body care products is right in time for Valentines Day.

 Maybe it’s time to create a private sanctuary at home,  even if it’s for a few minutes.  That’s what the New Gratitude Collection is all about – use the Lavender & Cedarwood fragrance of these 5 new products help create that sense of inner peace and relaxation.

Light the Candle to set the mood and Experience tranquility at home. Create your own private sanctuary with a luxurious scented candle that blends notes of soothing lavender and aromatic cedarwood to help you achieve a sense of inner peace.  The 1 wick, 7 ounce soy candle will burn an estimated 40 hours.

Set up the Air Diffuser and scent your space with notes of soothing lavender and aromatic cedarwood. Not only is the diffuser functional, it helps you achieve a sense of inner peace. the fragrance oil is in a 2.3 ounce round glass jar with 6 accompanying reeds to diffuse the fragrance.

With a few spritzes of our Lavender and Cedarwood Room Spray, you can breathe easy and freshen up your space. The 3.4 ounce spray bottle Instantly refreshes your home and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

When you sprinkle the Bath Salts into a tub full of water you can feel the stress melt away. I especially love a long (15 minute) bath on these cold winter nights. I appreciate how the luxurious bath salt with sea salt, glycerin and sunflower seed oil, helps relax my muscles. The soothing notes of lavender and aromatic cedarwood helps me achieve a sense of inner peace.  

Shower Steamers utilize Steam from the shower to help de-stress! Take a deep breath and feel the worries melt away with shower steamers that release notes of soothing lavender and aromatic cedarwood. you’ll Get 6 steamers in each pack that are Infused with lavender flower, to help you create a spa experience.. Lavender is known to help achieve a sense of inner peace. I’ve been using shower steam and essentials oils for years to create an aromatic shower/bath experience. These are gonna be much easier to use, simply place one on shower shelf, away from the running water and activate with shower steam. If you place the steamer in direct water stream the water will dissolve the steamer.

Campaign 3 also has some Amazing FREE Gift with Purchase offers (good this campaign February 1, 2023 – February 14, 2023 ONLY)

 FREE Avon Senses Cozy Vanilla & Coconut Hand Cream with any senses purchase

FREE Veilment CBD Roll On with any Veilment qualifying  purchase

FREE Solution Advanced Hydrating face mask with $30 skin care purchase

FREE VDL Expert Color Eye Primer for Eyes in original with 2 Cathy Cat

 FREE fmg Glimmer Longwear Gel Eyeliner in tornado with 2 satin lipstick purchases 

FREE Night Magic Hand Cream with $25 fragrance purchase

The  $40 WOW deal includes a couple of my faves with a $184 + Value –  This too is a limited time offer while supplies last, and only available from An AVON Representative. This Bundle includes – Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème  •  Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Targeted Treatment .•  Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser•  Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum •  Moisture Therapy Balance and Soothe Body Lotion. (PS the Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème is normally $38.99 – so it’s almost like getting everything else for free)

[1.0%] Advanced Retinol Serum

Is your skin ready for our most advanced wrinkle fighter? I was when I learned our Clinical Line Eraser was returning with NEW Updated ingredients. I had been missing our previous formula, but the wait has been well worth it.

Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser is infused with our highest level of retinol (1%!), Retinol is considered the #1 wrinkle-fighting ingredient and is recommended by dermatologists. Our New Formula delivers dramatic visible wrinkle-fighting results. I was able to notice a difference after 3 uses. and most of my deeper wrinkles faded in about 2 weeks.

With Clinical Testing that recorded 100% improvement of fine lines and wrinkles in one week. And just like my results, most saw more results over time. Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol [1.0%] Advanced Retinol Serum is a high-performance serum that dramatically reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots,

The Isa Knox Anew Clinical line is know for it’s has state-of-the-art, youth-boosting technologies, skin-firming collagen stimulators and super-revved resurfacers.

You may ask yourself, What’s the Big Deal about Retinol? The Benefits of Retinol have long been documented and revered as a top superhero in anti-aging skin care products. Retinol is basically a Vitamin A Derivative and works to accelerate skin turnover, thus smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol is also well known to visibly refresh skin’s texture creating a smoother, brighter look. Retinol has also been used to treat acne with promising results.

As with any New Skin Care Regime, use the “low and slow” approach. meaning start with a small amount – a pea-sized amount – and get use to using it slowly. Use the Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol [1.0%] Advanced Retinol Serum one night, then wait a few days. This waiting period gives your skin a chance to get used to the product. You’ll also be able to to check your tolerance. If you experience any reaction like redness, irritation, or dry skin. DO NOT continue with usage.

If you don’t have a reaction to the first use then slowly increase usage to 1-2x per week . After a Few uses you might notice and increase in redness, irritation, or dry skin. This could be caused by the rapid cell turn over retinol causes. At this point you should be using a moisturizer after the retinol, and should NOTY be using any other type of exfoliating skin care products. As your skin adjusts you can gradually work up to 3x per week or every other day.

Retinol causes Sun Sensitivity, which basically means that it makes you more prone to sunburns. there for you should only use Retinol in the Evening, You should wash it off your face in the morning, and follow with a Sunscreen before applying makeup. I use Isa Knox Anew Solaire Everyday Face Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50, but we have many other Sun Care moisturizers available.

With all that Retinol can offer, is is also a “Clinical” Treatment that is not designed for everyone. In Fact Several people should not consider using this product. It is NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone who has sensitive skin types, as delicate skin can take longer to adjust. You should not use If you have over-exfoliated skin from at-home or in-office treatments. and Finally if your skin is sunburned stay away from retinol until the burn heals, and Retinol is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or nursing.

If you fall into any of the Not Recommended categories, I would suggest trying our Farm Rx Bakuchiol Serum. It is a natural alternative to Retinol. I had results with the Bakuchoil, Just not as dramatic as I’ve had with retinol. It also took much longer to see the results.

Finally if you are New to using Retinol, It would be best to start with a lower concentration of Retinol, as your skin adjusts. Our Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser With Retinol Targeted Treatment would be a Good Place to Start.

As I mentioned in the Campaign 1 Newsletter, I am expecting Great Things from AVON in 2023.  Here is the First of Many New and exciting products.   Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser Advanced 1% Retinol Serum.  This is AVON’s most advanced wrinkle fighter ever.  (the original ANEW Clinical Line Eraser contains about .25%) 

 Retinols are a Vitamin A derivative and are known to clinically reduce lines and wrinkles.  Retinol can be harsh on your skin, so it is best to start out very slow with a lower percentage.  If you follow along with my Blog @ you might recall the blog “The Holy Grail of Skin Care” I wrote a couple years ago. 

PLUS you’ll get a Isa kKnox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System with any 2 skin care purchases.  With So many choices for Skin Care, you can quickly “flip” through the pages of the Brochure and find a couple that are right for you.

Another New and exciting product is fmg Express Makeup Brush Wash, found with our tools and brushe. Although I haven’t tried it yet ,I’ve heard good things, so  I am looking forward to it’s arrival and a chance to let you know what I think (hint watch for product review in an upcoming blog post)

With So many other Special Offers – such as Valentine Novelty Earring 5 Pack for only $5.99 with Qualifying Valentine Day Purchase, and the WOW deal which features a 5 piece bundle valued at over $145 for only $40, I’m sure you’ll find something you need.

Calendula Essential Moisture

This NEW – LIMITED Time Skin Care Line from the Face Shop has quickly become of of my favorites. I was first intrigued by the Low price. Seriously – the entire collection (Serum, Eye cream and Moisture Cream) can be purchased for less than $35.00 (when you shop direct from my Website ). When I ordered it several weeks ago, I was not expecting Great Things. I figured I would at least give it a try, especially since it is extremely budget friendly, I was , quite honestly, blown away. I did not expect to actually like (even prefer) this line over all the other Skin Care Lines we offer. So imagine my surprise when the first night, my skin felt super soft and moisturized. Not that sticky or slimy moisturized, but soft and soothed.

I guess I should have taken a closer look at the ingredients before trying the Calendula Essential Moisture  and I would have expected more. But it is always fun to get an amazing surprise when trying new things. The ingredient list includes well known moisturizing and soothing ingredients.
• Calendula extract – An herb known to have beneficial effects on dry skin, sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis.
• Hyaluronic acid – Known to absorb and restore moisture and help strengthen the skin barrier.
• Soothing herb complex – Contains 6 major herbs known to help soothe damaged, irritated skin, including chamomile, cornflower, rooibos, lily, sage and borage.

The Collection includes a moisturizing and soothing serum that provides relaxation to the skin. I use the Serum after cleansing my face and applying my retinol cream. Since retinol can be irritating to skin, the Calendula Essential Moisture Serum helps combat that irritation and leaves my skin super soft. I then use the eye cream not only around the corners of my eyes, but to help with those tiny laugh lines around the corners of my mouth. I wait with the Moisture Cream until after I am just about ready to jump into bed. Then I apply a heavy dose of the cream, and gently smooth into my entire face, neck and use the excess on my hands. This helps me get that final boost of relaxation as I jump under the covers for the night.

Since this Collection is a Limited Time addition, I recommend you get yours today , and try it for yourself. I know I’m gonna add it to my bag, even though I still have allot left in the bottles, I don’t want it to be gone before I get some ordered.

I am always trying what’s new from our AVON brochure, and as a representative, I can get it first to preview before it becomes available to the public. If you’d like to try products first (And get a discount) join today. Trust me, it’s worth it – even if all you want to do is get your Skin Care at a Deeper Discount.

The Pretty Big Deal Makeup Sale

Happy New Year

 AVON is securing New manufacturers for our long-time favorites,and I’m expecting Great Things in 2023.   Until that time some of them are missing from the brochure and online.   If you don’t see something let me know, I am in the process of rebuilding my on hand stock, and I might just have it available.

As we head into 2023, 8 Limited Edition fmg Creamy Color Lipsticks are on Sale for only $2.99 (you could get all 8 for less than $25).  And with a $30 Makeup Purchase you’ll get a FREE fmg Lip Conditioner (remember the old ANEW Lip Conditioners – These are very similar)   

I’ve been hearing from some customers that it is becoming harder and harder to find Dandruff
Shampoo.  AVON introduces the Dr. Groot Anti Dandruff Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner in Campaign 1.  With 3% Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, Biotin, Ginger, Rosemary, Mint, Menthol and Caffeine, this New addition joins our already popular Dr Groot lineup for thinning hair and scalp concerns. 

Valentine’s Day is Just around the Corner, and with that thoughts of Jewelry.  With Necklace and Earrings starting under $10 and Stainless Steel for Under $40 you might just find your next addition to your Jewelry collection in Campaign 1.   

If you haven’t already checked out my YouTube Channel (Beauty and Bluejeans) take a quick break and watch a video or two.   I’ll post Product highlights throughout the Campaign 

As Always, Contact me if you have any problems, concerns or Questions. 

Happy Fresh New Year


Merry Christmas

And Happy New Year.  Campaign 28 is all about starting the New Year, from cleaning and shining up your home, auto, and even your dog to New Skin Care. 

I already use pretty much all of the Home Cleaning and Care Products  from Fresh Fiji, Cucina, and Homestsar and I am Very Pleased with the Results.

 I’ve also  been using some of the New Skin Care, and I am SO EXCITED that we are introducing new cleansers, facial wipes,serums, moisturizers and eye creams.  PS Did I mention the New Products from The Face Shop are on the lower end of the spectrum of cost, but I believe them to be on the higher end of the spectrum for quality.  

If you haven’t already checked out my YouTube Channel (Beauty and Bluejeans) take a quick break and watch a video or two. 

 AVON is securing New manufacturers for our long-time favorites,and I’m expecting Great Things in 2023.   Until that time some of them are missing from the brochure and online.   If you don’t see something let me know, I might just have it in stock.

As Always, Contact me if you have any problems, concerns or Questions. 

Last Minute Gifts

Where has this year gone?  

I can’t believe it’s time for  LAST MINUTE GIFTS.  

With all the Complications between deliveries not arriving on time, factories and manufacturers being out of business, and me moving, this past year has been a challenge.

I am recommending that you Place any orders you need for Christmas By MONDAY DECEMBER 12TH.  

Just an FYI:  AVON is securing New manufacturers for our long-time favorites, until that time some of them are missing from the brochure and online.   If you don’t see something let me know, I might just have it in stock.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As Always, Contact me if you have any problems, concerns or Questions

Step Up Your Holiday Sparkle

Welcome to Campaign 25, 2022

With Winter settling in, I know my feet are always cold. And, who doesn’t need a New pair of House Slippers. I’ve even worn  our Classic Unisex Slipper outside for those quick errands- but I am supper excited about our LIMITED EDITION Sweater Trim Slipper Bootie.

A Few other Highlights from Campaign 25 is of course our Holiday Decor – Many
Animated, plush and even a Battery Operated  Santa Outdoor Light-Up that Stand 2+ Feet Tall.  

As We Add New Products (as replacements for the Loss of our Long Time Faves) I encourage you to check online.  Many of the NEW Products haven’t made it to the Printed Brochures Yet.  

Some of these NEW favorites include Hand Creams in Our
Classic Perfume Scents, Skin Care and Makeup from The Creme Shop,, Calendula Essential A New Discounted Skin Care Line, and New Discounted Shower Gel and Body Lotion –  On: The Body. 

As Always, Contact me if you have any problems, concerns or Questions. 

Holiday Express

Welcome to Campaign 24, 2022

Campaign  24 is traditionally when our Holiday sales begin, and this year is no different.  Holiday Decor, Holiday Fashion, Jewelry and limited time gift sets are all included.  

NEW products, some limited edition, and some trial products are being added daily.   For the latest, up to date product availability I frequently check the Website for these new products. (Most are not in the Brochure)

As our We work hard to secure New Manufactures for longtime favorite products, these are temporarily being removed from the Brochure. 

 IF you DO NOT find your favorite, please reach out to me. I just might have it on hand. Or I can recommend a similar product, and let you know if it has been discontinued or is just temporarily unavailable.

As a Reminder, I Continue to Place weekly orders on Friday Evening @ 5 for drop off in Cottonwood.

Skin Care Mantras

Welcome to Campaign 22, 2022

We introduce TWO New and Exciting Night Skin Repair Serums.  With all our skin faces everyday, Night time is the best chance to repair the damage.  With New and innovative ingredients – Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide – the ANEW Ultimate and Platinum Night Repair Serum can leave your skin restored overnight.  

As our We work hard to secure New Manufactures for our longtime favorite products, these are temporarily being removed from the Brochure.  SO, IF you DO NOT find your favorite, please reach out to me and I can let you know if it has been discontinued, or if it is just temporarily unavailable.  

As products become available, I have been increasing my on hand stock to ensure I have some on hand for my valued customers.  And I can get them shipped to you, so if you need something, and can’t find, it contact me, I just might have it on hand. 

As a Reminder, I Continue to Place weekly orders on Friday Evening @ 5.  I have been working out a delivery schedule for the Cottonwood Area.  As of right now, it looks like Tuesday Afternoon/Evening is working best. 

Revitalize Your Skin

Welcome to Campaign 21.  As we Introduce a NEW Skin so Soft Botanical Essence Bath Oil.  I personally have not tried the New Oil Yet, but will be soon.  

The Fall Fashion Field Guide includes several New Tops and Jackets and an updated New Fall Color4 Pack of Tees.  (these pocket Tees are one of my favorite)

As we are all experiencing the Supply Chain Disruptions you will notice that several products are out of stock.  Many are being removed from the brochure, but I have been assured these products will not be gone forever.  

While some are being repackaged, others are being replaced with New Improved lines. 
Someone once said that AVON can be summed up as Trusted Innovation.  We continue to research, develop and invent New Bath and Beauty Products, and partner with updated Brands that are trusted by real people.  

It is an exciting but challenging time.  I am looking forward to the upcoming Innovations from a Company that I trust. 

As a Reminder, I Continue to Place weekly orders on Friday Evening @ 5.  I have been working out a delivery schedule for the Cottonwood Area.  As of right now, it looks like Tuesday Afternoon/Evening is working best. 

As Always, Contact me if you have any problems, concerns or Questions. 

Luxury in the Shade of You

As we enter into a New School Year, I wish to update you on the Changes in My Life.

In July we moved into a older farm house, just outside of the Tiny Town of Ferdinand. After 30 years in our home in Cottonwood, it has been quite a challenge to get everything boxed, packed and moved. We still have several boxes that remain unpacked. Although this house was built quite a bit after our house in Cottonwood, it still requires much work. But the best part is the acreage we purchased with the home. As we begin building fences, knocking down weeds, and revising the landscaping each day it is looking more like our home.

That brings me to some of our newest products. First Cashmere Cushion Foundation. If you recall we had cushion foundation in the past, and I loved the coverage. Plus as an added bonus, no spills when traveling. We also have updated concealers and a compact powder.

Some of my favorite Newest Products are the additions to the ELASTINE Hair care Line. The new house gets it’s water from a spring, so the first week my hair took a beating. No matter what I did, It seemed I couldn’t even get a comb through it on some days. Than goodness I figured out a Couple of things. First I began using the Elastine Botanicals Rosemary & Sea Salt Shampoo – the salt tremendously with the hard water from the spring. Second I added the Elastine Moisture Conditioner and followed that with the New Elastine Hair Oil Serum. Now I can get a comb through my hair once again.

My hands have also taken a beating, and I needed to change my hand soaps PLUS increased my use of hand creams. Thank Goodness the back cover featured special is BUY ONE hand cream GET ONE free.

As I navigate the New House, Increase my time with family, and add new Foot Care Clients, I discover that I have had decrease time for my AVON business. As School starts and Fall Approaches I hope to get back to a more consistent schedule.

As always, contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Apha Hydroxy Acid Now For Your Body!


Did the Fourth of July Monday Holiday screw with everyone else, or is it just me?   Seems like I’m a Day late this whole week.  

Campaign 16 features a New Resurfacing Lotion for your Body. Similar to the revitalize and reveal collection we have for your face. These  features alpha Hydroxy acids to help remove dead skin layers so skin looks smooth and bright.  

And as an added bonus .. Receive a FREE – TRY-IT SIZE of the Platinum and Ultimate Day Moisturizers, with $40 Skin Care Purchase

Other FREE Gifts with Purchase include a FREE Glimmer Gel Eye Shadow   with $25 Colors of Love Makeup Purchase.  A FREE Vanilla Anti Bacterial Hand Gel with purchase of 2 body care products.  FREE  Elastine Dry Shampoo with any 2 Elastine Propoli Thera Hair Care Products, and Roll On Deodorants are Buy one Get one FREE,

The Body Bundle For this Campaign is a 4 piece set that includes “The legend That Started it all” Skin So Soft Original Bar Soap, Body Oil, Lip Balm and Hand Cream for $11.99

As a Reminder, I Continue to Place weekly orders on Friday Evening @ 5, for pickup or drop off in Cottonwood,

As Always, Contact me if you have any problems, concerns or Questions. 

The Summer of Your Dreams

How Can We Start Campaign 15 Already?  It seems this year has been flying by.  With the Hopes of Summer’s Arrival (of course if we get a break from the rain) I will be doing some yard work.  

With the start of Campaign 15 we Introduce a NEW Fragrance inOur Imari Collection – This Fragrance falls in the Warm and Dreamy Scent Category and features the Scents of Black Currant, Jasmini, Precious Orris, Patchouli, and Warm Musk.    You can try it for FREE with the  Purchase of 2 of Your Faves.  You can always “flip” through the Pages and Shop from my Digital Brochure Online.

We also have a New Gotta Get It Bundle that includes Travel Sizes of  Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum, Biosilk Silk Therapy for hair, and  LYRD Oud Rose Parfum and our Glimmer Cream Eyeliner Blackest Black.   Remember our Gotta Get it Bundles are ONLY $10.00 with any $40 Purchase from the Current Campaign.  

The Body Bundle Special This Campaign features the Senses Cucumber Melon Bubble Bath, Shower Gel and Antibacterial Hand Gel (4 Products for ONLY $11.99).  While the Back Cover Special is Senses Hydrating Shower Gels for Only $2.99 each. You can always find the latest Special Offers Online

No Bugs Here

Welcome to Spring.  Well, I’m thinking we’ll have to wait a bit this year for it to feel like spring.  But, in any case, It’s Our Bug Guard Plus Annual Kick Off.  

As most of you already know, I have Bug Guard Plus in ALL my Vehicles, 4-Wheeler, Camping Box and I even have a bottle in my purse.  But something I don’t have stashed EVERYWHERE is the Bug Guard Plus Cooler Tote.  Although I have a couple in my office, they haven’t made their way out of the cabinet yet.  

So what do I plan to do with my FREE Cooler Totes?  Since they fold up so nicely, I’m Planning to put some in my vehicles for those times I run to the store, and need to keep something cool (or hot) before I get home.  And Since it’s FREE with Purchase of any 2 Bug Guard Plus Products, I won’t have to fret about spending money on something I won’t use that frequently.  

Speaking of Spring. I’ve been doing some Spring Cleaning around my house.  Washing and Painting Walls, Scrubbing Floors, Washing Curtains,  Clearing Clutter, Etc…When doing deep cleaning, well everyday actually, I turn to our Homestar Cleaning Products, and FIJI Laundry Care.  And just like all Cleaning Supplies, I have some I love and some I could Live without.

As Always, Contact me if you have any problems, concerns or Questions. 

Replenish moisture to dull, weak hair

I’ve recently gotten a chance to try the NEW Elastine Moisture Essentials Shine Conditioner. I was out of my normal beloved Chi Conditioner, and though why not give the new one a chance. Believe me, it was the right decision.

I’ve noticed that within a week my hair is smoother, and much easier to comb out after the shower. I also have less fly away when I leave it down instead of pulling it up, (which is my normal). and as an added bonus, it’s much easier and quicker to pull my hair up into a pony tail or even a quick messy bun.

But, by now you probably know me well enough that I want to know the reason. Basically I want to know what is in something that makes it work so well. As it Turns out the Elastine Moisture Essential Shine Shampoo & Conditioner both feature richly moisturizing ceramides. These Ceramides help smooth and strengthen the Hair cuticles. Ceramides also help to protect hair from and promote healthy elasticity and shine. IN addition to the Ceramides the Elastine Mositure Essentials Shine Conditioner is infused with Argan oil that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this helps to moisturize the hair and reduce breakage. Thi9s means reduced split ends and less breakage when I pull my hair up. The end result it that my hair looks shiny and smooth. 

Although I haven’t gotten a chance to try the Elastine Moisture Essentials Shine Shampoo, it is in wish list and ready to go when I run out of my other shampoo. I’m looking forward to trying the shampoo and conditioner together. Plus as an added bonus, the cost of the Elastine Moisture Essential Hair care is almost half of what I was using.

Improve Your Eye Q

Campaign 11 is live on the website.  

We introduce the fmg Colors of Love Hi-Brow Sculpting Gel.  It’s a Great way to take you eye up a notch, and as an added Bonus – you’ll get the ANEW Clinical Unlimited Lashes Activating Serum for FREE with a $25 purchase of most of our eye liners, mascaras and brow products.  

We are also offering a FREE LXNEW Platinum 2 week Trial Kit with purchase of either LXNEW Platinum or LXNEW Ultimate Skin Care Products.  (I understand how frustrating it has been that some of these beloved products are out of stock, I can add your name to the waitlists, so we can get notified when the stock returns) 

For the Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair – you can qualify for a FREE Bonus Size Body Lotion when you purchase the Extra Strength Cream, the Hand Cream and the Lip Balm.  

And Finally Skin So Soft adds a Beauty Bar in Original and Soft and Sensual scents. 

Celebrating – belif

 With 10 Million Sold Worldwide –

 belif true cream moisturizing and qua bombs appeared on the scene in 2010.  Since that time 10 million have been sold.  Although the belif brand is available at several other retailers (Ulta Beauty & Sephora for example) the lowest prices are available exclusively from AVON. 

And did you know that not everyone gets the brochure prices you enjoy?  Brochure Prices – Sales & Specials are only available when you shop with an AVON Independent Sales Representative.  So Thanks for Shopping with me.

We also introduce a NEW Makeup Line, TPSY – BE YOURSELF, BE SPONTANEOUS AND ABOVE ALL LIVE IT UP! Plus you’ll receive a FREE Tote bag with 2 NEW TPSY products.  

I also want to draw your attention to NEW Elastine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioners.  With 2 Formulations one for volume and one for shine.  

And Finally a Mother’s Day Bundle for only $24.99  complete with a Floral Tote Bag.

As Always, Contact me with any questions.  And Rminder I place an Order Every Friday for Pickup or Drop off in the Cottonwood Area.  You can email me, text me, call me or even direct message me with your order. 

Have an Amazing Easter Weekend.

The Benefits of Collagen

Earlier this year I received a free tub of   re:tune Inner Beauty Collagen Booster and  within a few weeks I noticed a decrease in the Lines and Wrinkles around my eyes. Recently  I’ve been seeing ads  for Collagen Powders, and  decided to do some research into the benefits of Collagen Supplements, and I was Actually quite surprised.   As it turns out Collagen forms the main structural components and connective tissue in many different parts of our body, and can contribute to our overall health.  

Approximately 70-75% of our skin is made of Collagen and 20-30% of the protein in our bodies is Collagen.  The frightening fact is that by the time we reach the age of 60, only about 50-60%  of the body’s own naturally occurring collagen remains. 

I already knew Collagen helps with Skin,Hair and Nails, but really didn’t understand why.  Since Collagen is a structural component of skin it helps to keep our skin from sagging, and makes our nails strong. But Starting around the age of 30, we naturally have a decrease in our own bodies’ collagen levels.  Which is probably why I noticed the first lines around my eyes the day after I turned 30. 

I also discovered many other Health Benefits of Collagen.  Like Helping to Prevent Osteoporosis.  It is estimated that 43% of us older than 50 suffer from low bone density.  In Fact I have family members that have had Hip replacements as early as their mid 50’s.  Collagen has been shown to slow down  the cause of Osteoporosis (decreased bone density)  that can  happen with age.  

In addition to helping with the destiny of our bones, Collagen is a crucial component of cartilage.  The stuff that cushions and protects our joints. Some studies have shown that taking collagen supplements may help alleviate some of the symptoms of arthritis and other joint related problems.    

One of the Surprising benefits of Collagen is in the prevention of Heart/ Cardiovascular  disease.  Scientific evidence suggests that collagen reduces several risk factors associated with our Cardiovascular System. Including treating and preventing atherosclerosis (clogged arteries)  and keeping our arteries more flexible, allowing for better blood flow. Other studies  have found that collagen may help lower blood pressure and improve the good to bad cholesterol ratio in our body. As more Scientific studies are completed, we will learn more about the cardiovascular benefits of Collagen

Finally, Have you heard of leaky gut syndrome?   Basically, our intestinal walls become thinner  with age, allowing toxins, food particles and allergens to slip through and get  into our bloodstream . When this happens our body responds and creates an inflammatory response that can lead to autoimmune disorders.   As it turns out, Collagen can help soothe, repair, and seal damaged gut lining., and  help treat the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’’s disease and other inflammations of our gut.  

Now that I have learned so much more, I think I’ll give it another try.  AVON’s    re:tune Inner Beauty Collagen Booster  is A powdered mix of marine collagen peptides, and since It’s an unflavored powdered mix itt can be added to any beverage, and the tiny scoop is included. 

If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, You can have it delivered right to your door when you order from the website    re:tune Inner Beauty Collagen Booster

Jeju Aloe available from AVON

Among the many product line now offered by AVON is the Jeju Aloe Collection . Over the Past couple of years, many changes have brought new & innovative products to the Trusted AVON family.

ALOE has been termed as NATURE’S MIRACLE MOISTURIZER. Yes the same Aloe plant your grandmother kept in the kitchen for minor burns, and the same Aloe plant that grows well in almost any place. Remember Grandma breaking Off a leaf when ever you burnt you hand, or maybe she used it on your bee sting to soothe the pain. The miracles of the Aloe plant have been realized for years.

The Aloe used in jeju by AVON has been sourced from the pristine Korean island of Jeju. The island is known for its fertile volcanic soil and lush flora. ,Aloe is known as a natural wonder is a natural skin smoother. jeju Aloe can be used for various purposes, including moisturizing, soothing, facial pack, and after-sun care.

Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel from The Face Shop was one of the First jeju products carried by AVON. It is formulated with 99% Aloe Vera extract and 9 other soothing herbs. The other herbs included in the formulation are ones you probably recognize chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender, bergamot, basil, sage and oregano. The gel instantly hydrates and soothes dry, sensitive skin while restoring its moisture level, plus it’s not sticky like some Aloe Gels can be.

Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Mist with 90% aloe vera extract, contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C, and it helps calm, soothe and soften irritated skin. It is a refreshing mist that Instantly sooths your face or body,  The mist can be used at any time of the day, even over your makeup for a quick boost to your skin. I have a bottle ready for sunburns this summer.

Jeju Aloe Fresh Icy Soothing Face Mask is one that I haven’t gotten a chance to try. I guess I just haven’t taken the time. It is a gel-cream face mask with aloe extract, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C . It can help calm, soothe and soften irritated skin. To use Remove mask from package and remove transparent film. Place upper and lower sheet onto a freshly cleansed face (use the jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Foam Cleanser for added moisture) Once the mask is on your face you can remove any remaining film layer. Sit and Relax for about 10 minutes, then remove the mask and pat any remaining product into skin. For a Soothing Summer time Spa experience, try putting the mask in the refrigerator for a cooling effect.

Our Newest addition to the jeju family is the Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Foam Cleanser . It is a gentle gel-to-foam formula that not only cleanses but hydrates while is cleans . As with all the jeju Aloe Fresh Family of products, it is made with soothing aloe, moisturizing panthenol, and herbal extracts such cica, camellia leaf, licorice root and rosemary. You’ll only need about a dime-sized amount in the palm of your hand. It will create a foaming lather when you mix with water. Then massage gently over your face, and rinse thoroughly with water.

For a Limited Time you’ll receive a FREE Face Shop Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser w/ 2 qualifying purchases of the Jeju Aloe Product line from AVON.

Revitalizing Beauty Sweepstakes

This Month’s Sweepstakes Revitalizing Beauty – WOW is all I can Say. And remember, there is absolutely no purchase necessary to be entered. Simply complete the online entry form, submit and wait for the email that says you’ve won.

So Many of My FAVES, the ones that I don’t always have the budget for FAVES. The Collagen Boosters are probably some of my high end Skin Care favorites. Believe it or not, even the Collagen Powder mixes great with my morning Coffee, and made a tremendous difference when I was taking it. I saw a decrease in Lines around my eyes and mouth.

And Even though I’m not a Grapefruit lover, the Sparking Grapefruit and Orange Blossom Collection is among some of my customers favorites. So What would I do if I won the Sweepstakes? With So Many Special occasions coming up, Who wouldn’t’ love to receive a Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Soap and Hand Cream as a Gift.

Even though I’m not a big parfum type of person (Especially when I’m doing In Home Foot Care) Prima and Prima Noir are both feminine floral scents, that really are timeless and ageless. Besides I store my parfum in a dark cabinet, so I can extend the life since I don’t use that much.

The Final touch in the Revitalizing Beauty Sweepstakes Package comes from fmg. Enhanced Eyes Cashmere Eye Shadow Paillette complete with eye shadow blending brush. ,fmg Glimmer Liquid Eye Liner, I’m So Glad it returned. I swear by the liquid eyeliner for all day wear without smudging or bleeding. And Finally the luxurious Cashmere Satin Lip Cream in a soft neutral Nude Pink color. Not only does the Cashmere Satin Lip Cream have a great pigmentation, it softens and cares for lips With antioxidant vitamins C and E, shea butter, avocado, and coconut oils.

So What are you waiting for, Enter the Monthly Sweepstakes (No Purchase Necessary)

Rice Water Bright

Rice water is the milky white water obtained from rinsing rice. Rice water is rich in amino acids, antioxidants and minerals which may reduce or slow down the skin ageing process. It could also inhibit or slow down the activity of elastase, an enzyme responsible for skin ageing. Rice Water could also help maintain skin elasticity and therefore reduce the appearance of sign of ageing. In a recent article I read, not only can Rice Water help slow slow down the aging process it can also help brighten skin, protect the skin barrier naturally, sooth irritation, and even reduce oiliness. Who knew something so simple, like rinsing rice, could result in amazing skin care.

I know what you must be thinking, because I thought of it also, Why can’t I just make my own Rice Water. Well in fact you can. You can soak rice in water, then strain the water and use it, or you could boil rice and strain the excess water, and once cooled, use it either in a spray bottle or on a cotton ball to apply to your face. Even Though it’s simple enough, I Personally am not sure I want to take the extra time to go through those steps daily, and I’m not sure how long it would last unless it was kept in the refrigerator.

I have been using the Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser every night for quite some time now, and my skin remains soft and smooth. I personally like to use it with the vibrating facial brush. It’s a perfect way to relax after a long tiring day. My face feels clean, but soft and moisturized when I’m done. I actually look forward to cleansing my face each night.

I began using Rice Water Bright Cleansing Facial Wipes about 6 months ago. I use them to remove my makeup, because I was getting tired of staining my wash cloths with mascara. I first wipe my face using the disposable wipe, then I do a double cleanse and use the Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser on aa vibrating brush. I rinse the Facial Wipe and remove the Foaming Cleanser. Many Skin Care Specialist recommend a double cleanse when removing makeup, so this routine fits perfect with their recommendations.

I found the Rice Water Bright Gentle Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser a bit gritty, and had a hard time removing all the organic rice bran powder and  hydrated silica. Although these are an important part of the exfoliating properties of this cleanser, I preferred the Foaming Cleanser on my face. I added the Exfoliating Foam Cleanser to my morning shower, and found I preferred it much better in my morning skin care routine. When in the shower, it seemed to be much easier to rinse away the rice bran powder and the hydrated silica.

The most recent addition to the Rice Water Bright Family is the Rice Water Bright Facial Massage Cream. Although I haven’t gotten a chance to try this addition yet, I am looking forward to trying it. As with All the Rice Water Bright Family of Skin Care Products, It has been created using rice water, which is known to be rich in vitamins A, B and E, ceramide and minerals. The Cream not only moisturizes dry skin but has shown to help helping visibly boost elasticity and radiance. The Cream can be gently massaged into skin 2-3 times a week, for a relaxing, self care luxury that can help revive and tighten tired, stressed skin. Plus even a quick massage can to help stimulate circulation to surfaces of the skin.

Explore a Tropical Paradise

Avon Campaign 9, 2022 from March 30th – April 12th.  

Limited Edition Far Away Bali partum will be join the extensive Far Away Collection,. Created with Sparkling Grapefruit, Salted tuberose and Golden Amber the scent is sure to invoke the island vibe. Plus when you purchase any 2 Far Away, Haiku or Rare partum collection purchases you’ll receive a FREE Haiku.

The Rice Water Bright Collection will receive an addition as the Facial Massage Cream is introduced.  A cream that is specially formulated to improve elasticity and radiance can be massaged into skin after cleansing 2-3 times a week.

The Jeju Aloe Fresh collection also gets a new addition with a soothing gel to foam cleanser.  With Special skin soothing ingredients, like cica, Aloe, camellia leaf, licorice root and rosemary the cleanser is a great addition to the Jeju Fresh Soothing Face Mask, Soothing Mist and Soothing Gel already available from the website.

The Original that started it all Skin So Soft Bundle includes a Bonus Size Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Lip Balm for only $16.99 saving you $16. This a jojoba-infused luxury collection helps your skin and mind with its uplifting botanical and herbal scent.

With 20 scents to choose from the Buy one Get one roll on deodorant sale is a great time to stock up for summer. The fragranced antiperspirants are non-whitening, quick drying and anti-staining and glide on smoothly for long-lasting odor protection.

Spring into New Jewelry

Now that we have Sprung Forward the Clocks, and are Getting Closer to The Easter Season, it’s time to update your Jewelry wardrobe.

Did you know, even a New Necklace and Earring Set can make an old outfit look New? Thankfully this season includes just what you need. Maybe your looking for a soft coral color, that can add just the perfect blush to your spring look. Well the Peachy Keen Collection is perfect for you. With Peach and coral colored beads that are set in goldtone, this collection includes a Statement Necklace and Earrings, set, a Set of 3 stretch bracelets, a cocktail Ring, and Even an extra set of Hoop Earrings for an Evening Look.

Maybe the Classic Look of Pearls is more your style, the Always Pearly Collection will compliment and wardrobe. With a 15 Pack of Stud Earrings (mixed crystal, goldtone and pearlesque ) you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs. Combine that with a 3 piece Stretch Bracelet set with goldtone spacers and accent CZ charm , and a 30″ Strand Necklace, and you’ll be set for that sophisticated business meeting, or even a lunch date.

Maybe Subtle Sparkle and heavenly hues with a Bling is more your style. Then the Pastel Stud Earrings with 1/2″ Glass Bead, or the 3 piece glass beaded Stretch Bracelets Set included in the NEW Darling Pastel Collection might be more your style.

One of my favorite Spring Jewelry Collections is the New Sparkling Rosette Collection. Maybe I’m just a sucker for Rose Gold Tone, or the Glass Accent Stones. Or Maybe it’s the simplicity of the design, but with the small (1/4″) pendant Necklace, Stud Earrings, Pull Cord Bracelet and Cocktail Ring, I know I’ll be able to find a place in my jewelry box for this easy to wear collection.

With Violet being one of my favorite colors, I knew I could not go wrong with the Delicate Violet Collection. Besides, it will match perfectly with my lavender Studio 1886 Lace Top for our Easter Celebration. With the Look of Purple Gemstone set in sparkling silvertone, the collection screams sophistication with sparkle. The Y shaped necklace includes a 1″ violet pendant secured with silvertone links and glass stone accents. The Drop Earrings, and Cocktail Ring carry the same sophisticated sparkle while the Tennis Bracelet completes the Collection.

So if it’s an updated, spring to a new look wardrobe you’re needing after the long winter, try adding a few new jewelry pieces, and see your wardrobe and even your mood lift up just in time for Easter.

Defining Your Eye with a Eye Liner that is Always Sharp

Ever Wonder how some women define their eye with a thinner pinpoint line? I’m betting it’s with a pointed tip eye liner. I’ve always been partial to liquid eyeliner’s with a fine tip, but recently have been trying a cream eye liner. A eye Liner with a Sharpener built right into the cap.

Always On Point Eye Liner..Our creamy, long-wearing eye liner is always sharp and perfectly precise. You might be wondering just how does that work. The secret is in the cap. with a built in sharpener, that lets you sharpen the eye liner after each use. And even though you might think “sharpening it after every use” – I don’t have time for that, It’s really just a matter of twisting the cap back on when you are done. In fact the eye liner itself can not be twisted up, and can only be done so when it is inside of the cap.

Although the built in sharpener is what first drew me to the Always on Point Eye Liner, I soon found The other benefits became just as important to me, the fact that it is Long-wearing, and won’t smudge, even after 14-15 hours of wear. It’s also Waterproof, and the color I put on in the morning is the same as the color I take off in the evening, it’s Fade-proof, and Paraben-free, sulfate-free, talc-free.


Spring Fashion

With the melting of the snow here in North Central Idaho, It’s time to think about spring. For me that includes a HUGE Easter Celebration with my family, my husbands family, and friends. With a Potluck Style meal, it’s usually a lot of food, and with all the little kids, the Easter Egg Hunt is always a big hit.

But Now is also the time to start thinking about updating my wardrobe. I just cleaned out some of the old clothes. Some that no longer fit, and some that were missing zippers, or ones I simply haven’t worn in quite a while. So that means I have room for some New Clothes – especially tops.

As you know I actually prefer Relaxed Comfort, Soft and easy to care for fabrics are what I look for and that usually means Cotton/Polyester. for several years I have been drawn to the 4-Pack of Tees that AVON offers several times a year, and this Spring is no exception. With Pastel colors of yellow, orchid and coral pink, I’m sure these will fit nicely into my wardrobe. In addition the Blue Floral Print is dressy enough to wear to a luncheon, or special spring dinner date. Of course I’ll be adding a jacket for evening wear.

Although I am most comfortable in a Tee – I simply can’t help but admire the New designs for spring – such as the Flutter Sleeve Textured Top in yellow, or the Cold Shoulder Duo in Screen Printed Light Green and Pink Floral Print. and did I mention these come in a 2 pack so you won’t have to pick your favorite.

Are you more of a Comfortable Dress type – need not fear, the Shirt Dress is comfortable enough to wear round the house, and still be ready to head to town. While the Peasant Dress includes a V neck line, and side pockets for you to fil with those much needed items.

Remember that Fashion has a tendency to move rather quickly, so If you’re intrigued by something I suggest you grab it sooner rather than later.

What I Love About ME.

Campaign 8 is Now Live on the Website.  

…and remember if you want to arrange for drop off or pickup in Cottonwood, I place an order EVERY Friday.  

I have been waiting for this campaign for a While.  My FAVORITE Eyeliner is Back!!  The Liquid Eyeliner has returned with a New Name, and slightly different look, but trust me it’s still the same grat, no smudge, waterproof, stay-put all day liner we had before.  (I have used this eyeline during some really emotion events in the past year, and It STAYED PUT)

We have not 1, not 2, not 3 not 4 BUT 5  FREE Gift with Purchase offers

  • FREE –  Love at 1st Lash Mascara Duo with $25 purchase of makeup
  • FREE – Colors of Love Duo Illuminating Stick with $25 purchase of love or cashmere face makeup
  • FREE – LXNEW Clinical Microbiome Balance Booster with 2 ANEW Clinical Products
  • FREE Lip Balms (2) with any purchase of Hemp Seed Oil Products
  • FREE senses Cucumber Ant-Bacterial Hand Gel with any senses Products

And we also introduce the NEW fmg Glimmer Lip Conditioner – with mango seed butter, Vitamin E, Jojoba and Sunflower Seed Oil –  (similar to the old Beyond Color Lip Conditioner but without the SPF) 

As Always Feel Free to Contact me with any questions

Special Offers Not in the Brochure – Some 24 hours ONLY

Happy Wednesday – I just wanted to get you a quick update about some sales that aren’t in the brochure. You can always find the current special offers on my website under the heading special offers.  And the Product Bundles can be found under the Shop by Category as Gift and Value Sets listed under each specific category. With So Many Diverse Products, and limited time only sales (Flash Sales) it is not always appropriate to include these limited time sales in the 2 week Campaign Brochure.

First of all we have some Lipsticks that are only $2.99 – These are discontinued colors and formulas. Even though they have been discontinued, it’s a great deal so check it out and see if your favorite color is still there.  Our senses Bubble Bath Trios are still on sale for only $20.99, and the Skin so soft Bundles are also still available.   

And.. Last – But NOT Least we have a Live Shopping Event Scheduled for Tomorrow March 10th (5:00 PM Pacific Time)  Spring Into Action with Solutions for your Spring Skin Care Needs. (I’m Guessing the NEWLY introduced Farm Rx Bakuchiol Cream will be one of the topics discussed) This Moisturizing Cream has quickly Become my MUST HAVE – Never run out of – Daily Moisturizers. And it is probably one of the best value for your dollar deals this year. I know What you might be thinking , but is it really $30. the Answer is Yes, But in reality it’s more cost effective because of the size of the Jar – Over 3 Ounces. Larger than even the JUMBO size of other moisturizers.

Even If you can’t “attend” the Live Shopping event from the comfort of your living room, you can watch the replay, and remember the Special FREE GIFT codes are only good for 24 hours.

A Touch of Glamour Sweepstakes

Wow!! This Month’s Sweepstakes is packed full of great spa like beauty treatments. You can create your very own spa day at home. Start the morning with a Hydrating Shower (or better yet a soak in the tub) enhanced with the sweet scent of MACADAMIA.. Not only is the Veilment Macadamia Oil Revitalizing Foaming Shower Gel lightweight, it is rich in vitamins and omega acids. For luxurious and deeply nourished skin use the gel foaming cleanser that melts into your body as it gently cleanses to leave your skin revitalized and silky-soft. Follow with the Revitalizing Macadamia Hydrating Body Mousse., enriched with macadamia oil, vitamin E and antioxidants. the mousse is a creamy, whipped formula that also melts into skin, leaving it incredibly soft and supple. Just remember to shake both the Shower Gel and the Body Mousse for best results.

If you feel the need to exfoliate any dry areas (elbow, heels, etc…) the Natural Spa Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub and Cleanser will fill the need. Formulated with Israeli Dead Sea salt and an energizing citrus-ginger scent, this Body Scrub is gentle enough to use 2-3 times a week,. And, did I mention Veilment Collection has been created with Naturally Derived Ingredients, from around the world.

What Spa Day would be complete without skin care for our most prominent skin, Our Face. After a Quick application of The belif True Serum Revitalizing, you can moisturize your skin with the ANEW Ultimate Day Cream with SPF . The belif line dates back over 150 years ago when  Duncan Napier, found he could treat his cough with natural herbs. belif continues the legacy of Napier’s herbal apothecary combined with modern Korean Skin Science to deliver remarkable results to your skin. And the Ultimate Day Cream Provides anti-aging moisturization that visibly transforms multiple signs of aging.

Following your Spa Day, Skin Care, you’ll want to get all glammed up for a night on the town. Starting with VDL Eye Primer, the Longwear Gel Eye Shadow and layering on the Cashmere Eyeshadow Pallett. Then add some, touched by the sun color with the Glow Beads Illuminating Powder and you’ll Light up the room with a skin-loving glow! You can finish off your Spa Day Makeup look with butter-soft Birthday Balm Lip Color that provides a sheer hint of color and your best nude lip ever.

Now your all ready for the night on the town, except for jewelry. Don’t Worry, The Sweepstakes has you covered. with a 5 pair set of Chunky Earring in Goldtone, a Lavender Bracelet Watch and a Whimsical Stretch Bracelet. Giving you the opportunity to layer up the stretch bracelet set, (featuring 3 bracelets with rose goldtone accents and amethyst, silver, and hematite-colored beads), and the amethyst-colored watch and rose goldtone band

With a $388 value, and FREE Entry into the Sweepstakes, WOW is probably an understatement of this Monthly Sweepstakes. Even though the cost to enter is FREE, there is a Catch (isn’t there always), you have to take the time to fill out the entry form with your name and email. So if you want to have a chance at being the lucky drawing winner of A Touch of Glamour, you’ll need to complete the Monthly Beauty Sweepstakes Entry Form. simply click the link, and finish the form. Winners will be notified by email.

Take Care Of Your Skin Naturally!

I am SO EXCITED about Campaign 7, and the Newest Member of the FARM RX Skin Care Line up.  I’ve actually been waiting for this Bakuchiol Cream since I first heard it was coming.  

As You know, I am a BIG Fan of Retinol, but not of the Sun Sensitivity that comes with it.  That’s where Bakuchiol beats Retinol hands down, NO Sun Sensitivity and It’s a natural plant based alternative that has been clinically tested to reduce the look of wrinkles instantly.  

I can feel the difference within minutes of using the cream.  I have been using it for 2 weeks now, both morning and night, and I am seeing a remarkable decrease in my “experience” lines.

Plus as an added Bonus, you’ll receive a Travel (Try-it) Size of the Frm Rx Bakuchiol cream and Eye Cream with any purchase of Farm Rx, CBD, or Hemp purchases in Campaign 7.

Our Glimmer Sticks are Back ( Now Called fmg GLIMMER)  Same Formula, Same Price, New Packaging – the Waterproof Eye Liner and Lip Liners are reintroduced in Campaign 7 

And if You were looking for a Statement Necklace and Earrings – Reflective Moments may be what you need, and the Silvery Droplet Collection boasts a Layered Necklace, Hoop earrings, a Stretch Bracelet and 4 Stacked Rings. 

We are also introducing  Cucina Essentials Dish Soap Refill.  A large 32 oz size. I absolutely LOVE the smell of the Garden Basil Dish Soap, and have been using it since it was first introduced a year ago, so I know I’m gonna love the extra savings.

We also have a  couple Value Packs available in Campaign 7. Our senses Vanilla Cream Bubble Bath, Hand Soap, Shower Gel and Antibacterial Hand Gel 4 piece set for $15.99 and Wild Country Cologne, Hair & Body Wash and Roll-on Antiperspirant 3 piece set for $16.49

I continue to place weekly orders Friday Evening @ 5:00 pm  for pickup/delivery in Cottonwood, So Don’t hesitate to email, text or call (please leave a message) your order. 

As Always, Please Contact me if you have any questions.

Using the Eye Shadow Quad

How many times have you looked for the perfect eye shadow colors? You know, 2 colors that are complimentary of each other that you can use together. I know lots of times I have found a color I like, but then haven’t been able to find one just a bit darker, lighter or with a bit of shimmer. That’s why I like the eye shadow quads. with 4 colors in each pallet it’s easy to find 2 or more colors that work well together.

It’s easy to intensify your eyes with Glimmer Eyeshadow Quads. Unique shade families that have been specifically curated to enhance a variety of eye colors and at the same time, allowing you to create your most expressive and alluring eyes. We each have something we like, and dislike about our eyes, so these pallets are great for disguising what we don’t like, and enhancing what we do like.

Glimmer Eyeshadow Quads feature a range of finishes from smooth mattes and dimensional satins to multi-faceted glitters. my personal preference is in the smooth matte or the dimensional satins. The older I get, the less inclined I am to use the glitters.

I especially like the fact the Glimmer Eyeshadow Quads are created with a rich pigment that makes colors pop with just a single swipe. (or pat as I describe in the video) In addition the long-wearing, creamy powder formula hugs eyelids for all day wear, without the messy fallout.  (see the video for another hint to prevent eye shadow fallout)

The Glimmer Eyeshadow Quads come in 9 colors – neutrals earth tone and browns – Goddess, Idol, Maven, & Minx, Earth tones with a splash of green -Siren, Lavender & Purples – Temptress, Blue and Gray – Vixen and Pink and Mauves – Darling. so as you can tell, you’ll find a color pallet that you love.

And for a limited time you can choose the Perfect Pairs Duo Bundle – that includes your choice of Eye Shadow Quad and VDL Eye Primer original to crate that all day into the night eye look.

Save Money with Product Bundles

Product Bundles are an excellent way to save some real money.  It’s also a great opportunity to try something new, especially when you take into consideration that you purchase one product and essentially get 2 to 3 products for Free.  I mean who doesn’t love FREE. 

For Instance the Sleepy Time Buncle features  our  Rice Water Bright Cleansing Facial Wipes, the  Elastine PropoliThera Volume Mousse, the Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask and  Anew Hydra Fusion 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum. If you were to purchase just the Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask you would pay $34, but you can get the entire bundle for $38.  Since 2 of my daily use products (Volume Mousse, and Cleansing Facial Wipes) it actually makes sense for me to purchase the entire bundle, and have 2 bonus products to share with someone else, or try for myself.

Another special Bundle Offer is the Rediscover Radiance Buncle. Valued at over $123, the Bundle Price is only $45 and includes • Elastine HempharmX Shampoo & Conditioner,  Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Intensive Peel, and  Perioe Thera-White 2-in-1 Whitening Toothpaste. The Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $20 each, so for an additional $5 you get 2 more High end products to try (or give as a gift to someone special)

As you can clearly see, purchasing a value bundle gives you the opportunity to not only save some money, but also a chance to try something new.

Give Hands the Full Treatment

I’m so excited to share with you that the beloved AVON  senses now include the full treatment for your hands.  Introducing Hand Soap and Hand Creams.  The additions are to 

 Cozy Vanilla & Coconut , Fresh Bergamot & Wild Mint, Sparkling Grapefruit & Orange Blossom

And you can get a FREE Cozy Vanilla & Coconut Hand cream with 2 purchases of any of the senses collection, including bubble bath. 

If you prefer the MOISTURE THERAPY line, don’t miss the “Bring Dry Skin Back to Life! 4 piece bundle for only $15.99.  

Spring is in the Air with the Colors of Spring Jewelry – Pastel Bouquet , Spring Bling, and Symbols of Spring Jewelry Collections featuring delicate hues with subtle sparkle. Jewelry Items include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and  rings.

You can Watch the YouTube Video for Campaign 6 Highlights

Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Color Booster & Stain Remover

Boy that’s a mouthful, but I’m already falling in love with this formula. Not only does it do wonders for a deep clean it even dirt you can’t see. Makes whites bright, boosts and brightens colors. I’ve used Hydrogen Peroxide for several years to help with tough stains, and this formula is created with peroxide to eliminate tough stains and oxygen-based bleach to protect and boost color.

For several years I have added hydrogen peroxide to my laundry, especially my whites. The peroxide is great at making the whites sparkle. I even use hydrogen peroxide when i clean my carpets to help remove not only odor, but also those set in stains. And the best part, there is no left over carpet cleaner residue.

Let’s face it, with all the chemicals in our laundry soap, I have found that my clothes still look grungy even after I’ve washed them in Hot water. But adding the Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Color Booster & Stain Remover has made a world of difference.

My husband is a heavy diesel mechanic, so his clothes are forever covered with oil, hydraulic fluid, grease and countless other disgusting things. I was so happy, and quite honestly surprised when his blue jeans came out clean. I mean really clean, just like the first week he wore them. And my washer didn’t have the black, greasy ring around the top.

But you wanna know the best part, at least for me, my clothes are softer (especially when I use the Fresh Fiji Hygienic Power Laundry Detergent with the Power Color Booster & Stain Remover.

Love at First Swipe – Live Shopping Event

Join me for a LIVE (from the comfort of your home) SHOPPING EVENT. On THURSDAY,  FEBRUARY 10TH @ 8:00 PM ET – (5:00 pacific time)

Why LIVE Shopping, and what makes these events so special?  

Well to Start With, there is always good info, and This event promises to be No Different.

  1.  First –   With PRO makeup tips and even Demonstrations.  I always learn something New with each Event.  
  2. Second – The FREE GIFTS with purchase, are amazing.  And are only available if you are registered.  
  3. Third – Items are Shipped Directly to you, No need to wait for me to get them delivered

So How Exactly does it work?  Once you register for the event, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to join in at the specific time.  But don’t worry if you can’t make it at that time.  After the event you’ll be emailed a link to watch the Recording at your own leisure.  AND the most important part – You’ll also receive a Special Promotion Code that you can use when you check out.  (PS Codes are only valid for 24 hours)

So How do I Plan for LIVE Events.  First I Log in to my website (yes I actually shop from my own website) and go shopping for all the things I know I am running low on, (toothpaste, makeup, cleaning, shower gels, etc…)  and Since I am already logged in the items will stay in my cart until I actually Check out.  I always try to have a Minimum of $100 order to take advantage of the Large FREE GIFT BUNDLE

Then either right after the LIVE Event, or the Next Day, I log back into my shopping cart, and add the promotion code.  I also double check to see if all the items I wanted are still available.  With So Many companies having trouble with backorders, I just want to ensure I take full advantage of the FREE GIFTS. 

Then I proceed to checkout.  Since I already have a customer account on file, the checkout process is simply a matter of verifying my address, and preferred Credit Card.  Then I hit submit.  And Wait for my order to arrive.  Although I can track my order through shipping, It sometimes feels like forever, when in reality it’s only about a week. 

It’s like Christmas when the box arrives.  Knowing that I am getting FREE GIFTS, makes the unboxing extra exciting.  And I’m eager to try the FREE GIFTS, even if it’s something I’m already using, It just feels like it’s special because it’s a GIFT.  

Check out the Unboxing video on youtube of my package from the last LIVE Shopping Event

Unboxing from retune LIVE online shopping.

Game Set Match

Campaign 5 is now live on the website, and we Introduce Match. It’s a game-changer! I know how much I Loved Magix. (Magix will soon be changing to Match) This New Line is Everything you loved about Magix and more. It’s Foundation that produces flawless results almost effortless.

This New Serum Tint Foundation Instantly hydrates and blurs the look of imperfections. A Lightweight, Sheer to Medium foundation foundation, featuring hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and berry complex. A creamy formula, that is build able (layer on for a fuller coverage) and that dries to a powder finish. Plus as an added Bonus, It’s Suitable for all skin types, and comes in 9 shades. Did I also say it includes a Sponge applicator for smooth coverage.

And Who Doesn’t Like an added in Gift? For a Limited time, You also have the opportunity to receive Glimmer Gel Nail Stickers for FREE when you purchase 2 of the NEW foundation or ANY fmg Match or Magix (soon to be repackaged as Match) foundations, tinted moisturizers, concealers primers or powders.

In addition to the NEW Foundation, Makeup Brushes are here. Yes that’s right, the NEW fmg brushes have arrived. First the Kabuki Brush, is designed with soft, angled bristles. It is retractable and has a Cap keeps the brush head safely covered when not in use. As a multiuse kabuki brush, you can use it to effortlessly blend pressed or loose powders for a smooth and even application. Plus it has Synthetic Bristles. (Natural Bristles can absorb your makeup)

We also introduce 4 New, duel ended brushes, (that’s a total of 8 uses) includinga Blush & Contour Brush, a Complexion Brush, and 2 Brushes specifically for your eyes. The Eye Shadow Blending Brush, and the Precision Eye Brush.

And Finally, Who Doesn’t Love a Great Deal? For a Limited Time Get 5 oz Skin So Soft Shower Gels . These Unique Shaped Shower Gels are perfect for every shower, even if you don’t have a shelf to put them on, they will hang from your shower head. All three Scents, Original, Soft and Sensual, and Radiant Moisture are on special for only $2.99 each. (Regular $6)

…and What If you Could Get Paid to Share all These with your Friends and Family. Or Better Yet, get all these at a Discount. What if you could Be a beauty influencer, skin care expert, whatever-your-passion entrepreneur, from home or on the go, live or virtually. 135 years later, we’re still the supreme do-it-your-way opportunity with the digital magic to power your business and the ultimate offer: Join for $0 (free!) – LIMITED TIME OFFER – or with one of our other sign-up options.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Out With The Old, and in with the New.  Don’t you just hate it when something you have gotten used to is discontinued or replaced with something new.  Me Too.  But have you ever stopped to think, without the new advancements and innovative products we would still be using Things such as lye soap, butter/shortening for softer skin, and even harsh bleach for cleaning.  

Without replacements with new and innovative products, we would never get the chance to try something new. And even actually, like something new.  I try to let you know when one of your favorites is being replaced, or completely discontinued, so you can either stock up, or get excited to try the new replacement. 

Discontinued Products include – Reversalist and Vital Day CREAM, Blimmer Kiss (all shades), Clearskin Cleanser and Mineral Mask, Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector, Make up Remover Wipes. 

I know so many of you like the Reversalist and Vitale Day Cream, but quite honestly, I prefer a  Lotion over the cream anyway. And  I’ve gotten so that I prefer the Ultimate Day cream over the Reversalist, if I’m wanting a Cream consistency. And the same goes for the Vitale Line up. I prefer the Lotion over the cream.  So No Big Loss there

Glimmer Kiss has been popular since their introduction in 2020.  As more customers prefer a matte finish the Avon Mattitude is the perfect replacement.  PS – I’ve switched to the Liquid Lipsticks, and I admit I prefer them much more than the old cream lipsticks.

For those teens with acne it is best to follow a 3 step treatment plan.  So I always recommend the Clearskin Complete set.  This contains all you need, cleanser, toner pads and daily lotion.  There is really no need to purchase just the Cleanser or the Mineral Mask in addition to the complete system.  

As Vitamin C has become all the rage, many of the other skin brighteners have taken a back seat.  I have had several Dark Circle Correctors on hand that I don’t even use anymore.  Vitamin C, and even the Bakuchiol Eye Cream deliver the same results, and more.

As we become more intune with what’s best for skin, we have realized that fragrance is just one of those additions that was never necessary.  Sure it might smell better, but do we really need fragrance added to our facial wipes.  Keeping that in mind our Makeup Remover Wipes are being fazed out and New Fragrance Free Wipes are being introduced.

You will also notice New Packaging for the Magix Collection as the Name Changes to Match

Valentines Day Jewelry Collections

Seems like we just got through with Christmas and it’s time to think about Valentine’s Day.  I don’t know about you, but we really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as much as we did when we were younger. Maybe, Valentine’s Day is a young person’s Holiday?

In any case, I usually get myself little gifts and tie them into a Holiday.  Guess it’s my way of avoiding the guilt associated with getting something for myself.  So, if I take into account the fact that I’m needing some new earrings, and because It’s Valentines Day soon, I guess It’s OK to look at some New Jewelry for myself, Right?

Perhaps I should look at a full set, necklace and earrings, or even just a multi pack of earrings.  In either case, several “Valentine’s Day” jewelry sets have popped out at me from the latest campaign, especially in the Valentines Boutique section.  In addition to some amazing jewelry (including some Dazzling Chocolate necklace and earring sets) I also found some deals on other pampering  myself treats.  

As I contemplate if I should really spend some money on myself this Valentine’s Day, I’m cautious to remember that shipping times have been taking a bit longer.  I’ve been told it’s because of the weather.  But whatever the reason, with only a couple of weeks left, I’m guessing I need to order soon.  Plus Who Doesn’t Love Free – Enjoy Free Shipping on orders $25+. Use code: NEWYEAR (Only valid until February 1st, 2022)

re:tunne your Routine for the New Year

Last Night Was Our First LIVE SHOPPING Event of the New Year.  

I was only able to View Part of it LIVE, but I’m Planning to watch the replay when it becomes available. Past LIVE SHOPPING Events can be Viewed at LIVE SHOPPING on my Online Store.  

I’m wanting to reset and retune my routine for the new year and  the event was full of  easy solutions for healthy habits (with beautiful benefits!) and of course some incredible offers. 

Use Code RETUNE60 on a $60 order
Use Code RETUNE100 on a $100 order

Coupon codes are only valid for 24 hours (January 20, 8:00 PM ET to January 21, 8:00 PM ET – (5:00 PM  PT). Only 1 coupon code can be used at a time, per Representative account. Coupon code thresholds are based on Customer Price. RETUNE60 – for a $60 order AND RETUNE100  – for a $100 order

If you were planning on placing an order anyway in the New Future, Take Advantage of This incredible Chance.  I’ve Been wanting to try the re:tune Inner Beauty Collagen Booster.  I’ve been seeing alot on the News, and TV lately about Collagen, and was waiting for this event to rack up the savings.

Log into your account and apply the coupon code at checkout. –  As a reminder, multi-factor authentication (a security phone call) will occur if you sign in with a new email address or device to confirm your identity.

Skin Care Faves ’22

Can You believe we are already over half way through January?

Campaign 4 is Now Live on the website. And it features a FREE Power Serum with any 2 select skin care purchases.

Plus 6 AVON Representatives share their personal favorite skin care products. 

From the ANEW Ultimate & Platinum lines, Vitamin C head to toe skin care, and the Hydra Fusion Line.

Plus Get Ready for Valentines Day with jewelry and our Gotta Get It! (formerly the A-Box) Love at First Try Set. Remember the “Gotta Get It!” bundle is Only $10 with a Qualifying $40 purchase and has over a $40 value.

Beauty and it is now organized by categories, so if you’re interested in my personal reviews and tips check it out and select the category from the menu at the top of the page.

3 Secrets to Better Skin

Over the years, I’m sure I must have tried numerous creams, solutions, serums, techniques, etc. to get better looking skin. If you’re like me, you’ve also tried numerous brands, numerous “ole wives tricks”, and even advice from the internet. some of these have come from, either the local drug store or in home parties. But one thing the has stayed constant in my care of my skin, 3 things that I’ve never waivered from. Sure I’ve used different products, but the same 3 basic principles have basically guided what I did with those products.

For a While I even used Neosporin (triple antibiotic ointment) as a part of my skin care. I’ve used a whipped egg every morning and evening, and sometimes mixed the egg with oatmeal for a drying mask. Who remembers the days of using rubbing alcohol as a toner to treat acne? (the burn was suppose to mean that it was working).

Yes, it’s pretty amazing when we look back and think about what all we have put our skin through. But as I said, for the most part, 3 “secrets” have basically been a part of my regime to care for my skin.

When you discover all 3 secrets, you might be a bit perplexed. How do those fit in to the picture? Even tough I used different products, the same steps, and techniques remained the same. And after 40+ years of caring for my skin, I have (on occasion) been seen as younger than I really am.

It’s during the times when I kind of slack off, you know what I mean, those days when you just don’t feel like doing anything, that I don’t follow the secrets. But guess what, I can usually see the neglect in a day or two, and I need to remind myself “you need to stick to the 3 secrets”

So you may be wondering “just what are these three secrets, and how can I learn about them. I’m gonna share them with you for free. Once you read how simple these 3 secrets are, you may be wondering “Why didn’t I think of this before”

Get My 3 Secrets to Better Skin now and have it downloaded right to your phone/computer.

Campaign 5 – 2021

 As you Flip through the pages of  Campaign 5,. You’ll notice more and more diverse products.

… And I’m so excited to share,

 I’ve gotten the Skin Care and Bath, Body and Shower pages started.  

It’s my plan to make it much easier to find products, watch videos, and read posts.

Plus I share some thoughts, inspiration, and ideas.  

As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 

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Black Friday Offers 2021

Black Friday is just a bit over a week away, so I thought I’d share with you our Offers. Give you a Chance to Plan ahead, and save some money.

FirstSpend $40, and you qualify for FREE SHIPPING. I’m Taking advantage of this special offer, and letting AVON ship Christmas Gifts early to Friends and Family I won’t be seeing in person this year. Simply check the Box “Is this a Gift?” and then change the Shipping address. and just like magic, your order will ship to their address. You can even include a personalized message.

Second – Spend $60, and you qualify for a FREE. Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid. This silky smooth formula contains our concentrated blend of professional-grade anti-aging ingredients that retexturizes skin in just one night. With AHAs to reveal the look of a smoother, brighter complexion. and you still get FREE SHIPPING. I’m taking advantage of this offer, and getting myself a special treat, when I purchase stocking stuffers (shower gels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, and deodorant) for my family.

Third – Spend $100 and get a 5-Piece Beauty Set for Free. Although I don’t know yet what is all included in the Beauty Set, I can tell you that it will be valued at $59. But, lets be realistic, anything for FREE is worth it, even if you might not use it personally. I’m taking advantage of the FREE BEAUTY SET, and keeping it wrapped for those unexpected invites to Holiday Parties with White Elephant Gift Exchanges.

During this Busy time of the year, I Try to do as much of my shopping ahead of time. Although, I avoid the crowds of the Black Friday Deals, I spend the day sipping my Mocha, and scrolling super sales online. PS if you miss the Black Friday Specials, there is always Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Deals 2021

Wishing you an amazing Thanksgiving Day

Campaign 26 is Now Live

 The Website will be Down Starting Wednesday December 8th for upgrades, so I recommend getting your orders in Before then.

  I am also suggesting DECEMBER 10TH as the Last Day to Order for Christmas.   

Keeping those dates in Mind, Take Advantage of 

Black Friday Deals Now Through Saturday.  Remember You MUST use the Codes AVONBLACK21 (for orders $40-100)and AVONBLACK100 (for orders over 4100) to get the FREE Shipping, and FREE Gifts. 

Cyber Monday Deals will begin on Sunday November 28 and continue  through December 4. Watch for that email.  

  Reminder, the monthly drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order. 

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks for Christmas. 

 You can start your very own AVON business 

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..

AVON Independent Sales Rep

Order NOW for Christmas 2021

I now what you might be thinking, But Christmas is still 20 days away. I am recommending the early order dates for a couple of reasons,

FIRST, The AVON Website is scheduled to be down for upgrades and will be offline December 7th , 8th and the morning of the December 9th . If you know me, I pretty much always prepare for the unexpected. Which means in this case, planning for the sight to be offline a bit longer until all the glitches are worked out (if any).

SECOND, Holiday Inventory has been available since October, and many items are already sold out. I always recommend ordering earlier, rather than later when it comes to limited items. That includes home décor and special Holiday packages.

If ALL goes as planned, the Website will be back on online mid day December 9th, BUT, If there is some type of glitch, that might not happen. Besides, the earlier you order, the sooner your package will arrive.

If you order for pickup in Cottonwood, I plan a couple more days. The extra days give me time to unpack, sort and invoice orders before they are available for pickup.

Did Your College Student Come Home with a Bag of Laundry?

Did Your College student come home for the holidays with lots of love, gifts and a Bag full of Laundry? Maybe it costs to much in the dorm to do laundry, Maybe it takes too much time to do the laundry, or maybe it’s just too complicated. If this sound familiar, check out 8 common laundry mistakes you might be making. I personally was guilty of making a few of them.

Incorrectly Sorting

How do you sort your laundry loads? Many opt for a simple light and dark clothing split, but the truth is, it’s best to go a few steps further. Sort by materials as well to get the best clean on all of your clothes. For example, make one load for heavy items like denim, one for lighter items like blouses and delicate clothing, and one for bulky bedding and towels. I also do one load a week of area throw rugs on the hand-wash setting.

Incorrectly Preparing Clothes

As you load the washing machine, give each piece of clothing a once over. Any items with zippers should be zipped up, as the zipper teeth can snag other clothing as they move around in the washer. Keep buttoned shirts unbuttoned, sleeves included to protect the buttonholes. Finally, be sure to check any pockets for pens, lipsticks, and other items that can cause a nasty mess in the washing machine.

Adding Too Much Detergent

Extra detergent means extra clean clothes, right? Wrong! Be sure to follow the instructions of your preferred detergent and keep a close eye on the line as you pour. Excess detergent can cause an accumulation of soap, leaving residue on your clothes and allowing for a potential build-up of bacteria. Or better yet skip the measuring and opt for Sheet Detergent instead. With Sheet detergent you just throw the sheet in the washer, and let it do the rest.

Mishandling Stains

The only thing worse than getting a stain is allowing a stain to set in, which can effectively ruin your clothes. Tackle it right away with Stain Remover Sprayand avoid scrubbing at the new stain—this can cause it to spread and can also wear down the fabric of your garment. Gently blot and work at it from the outside, which will help contain it. Finally, when you wash it, avoid immediately drying without checking the stain’s condition. Once it’s dried, the heat will set the stain and make it much more difficult to remove

I remember the days of traveling home (300 + miles for winter break. Lucky for my parents, space was usually limited, so laundry was never an option for me. In fact, getting the laundry finishes before winter break was more of a priority, after all who wants to have dirty laundry in their dorm room (or the back seat of the car) while your traveling home for the holidays.

As for your college student, perhaps a great Christmas gift would be a Laundry Basket filled with Laundry Essentials.

Long Lasting Car Vent Air Freshener

Discussing a Long Lasting Car Vent Air Freshness for your car might be an unusual topic for a Beauty and Bluejeans Page, but part of living the rural lifestyle includes maintaining the freshness of your car. Especially during these cold winter months. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and in a Rural Community you probably can relate to what I’m talking about. For those of you that don’t let me draw you a picture.

We have had about 8 inches of new snow today, on top of the 6 or more we already had. So what that really means, there is allot of snow to walk through before you can start your car (or pickup). All that piled up snow means one thing, snow on the floor mats of your vehicle. Which might not be a major catastrophe if it gets a chance to dry out between, But, that is not always the case. During Winter months many times the vehicle may doesn’t get warmed up enough to dry the floorboard completely. Usually it just melts the snow into the floormats or worse into the carpet. So after a couple of days, all that melted snow can really begin to cause an odor in your vehicle.

I usually keep a bottle of Body Mist in each of my vehicles just for this reason. I basically use it as a care freshener spray, and since most body mists are created with denatured alcohol there is very little chance of them freezing in low temperatures. Since I usually have one or two laying around It make perfect sense to put them to good use. (I’m not a big fan of body sprays for myself, but often they are part of a spa gift package). When sprayed directly on the wet floormats it will also help with drying them a bit quicker, because the denatured alcohol causes the moisture to evaporate quicker. Just be sure to try the spray on some place that is not visible incase it discolors the carpet.

Another trick I’ve recently found very helpful is a long lasting car vent freshener. I’ve tried several of these in the past, and it smells strong for the first week, then it starts to loose it’s appeal. I don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing the vent clip car freshener every month. Thankfully I’ve found one that lasts much longer. Even though the description says it’ll last 50 days, I’ve had one in my pickup for about 3 months, and hit really helps keep the air fresh inside the cab. I think the best part was it didn’t have that intense air freshener smell at the beginning, and then fade away. The strength of the smell has pretty much stayed the same since I put it on my car vent. In fact, I’m not a fan of citrus smells, so I put that one in my husbands pickup and it’s not to intense.

I’m Sure after this winter is over, I’ll be needing to do some cleaning of the floormats, and actually give them a chance to dry out, but for the time being knowing the long lasting vent clip air fresheners are in my pickup helps allot. After all , never know when we’ll be stuck someplace because the snow has closed the road.

Clean Your Bathroom in Under a Minute

One of my biggest pet peeves is a dirty bathroom. You know the kind I’m talking about, the bathroom that makes you wish you had gone outside behind the house. (Well maybe not that extreme, but you get the picture)

I know how hard it can be to keep a bathroom cleaning, especially with a house full of children, guests, or even the pets. I remember the days when I was appalled at the site of my own bathroom. I didn’t even want to use it, but lucky for me, I found an easy way to keep the bathroom in tip top shape in under a minute a day. (plus about 10 minutes once a week for a deep clean)

So What’s the Secret? It’s really in the daily routine. Every day after I’m done in the bathroom I take a couple seconds to spray a multipurpose cleaner in the sink and the toilet. Then simply wipe the sink down, brush the inside of the toilet bowl and wipe. Yeah, It’s really that simple. But the Key is to do it every day. Well at least 5 times a week, on weekends I sometimes take it easy and don’t do any housework.

So what about the 10 minutes deep clean once a week? On Mondays I usually take the time to wipe down all the walls, we use wood heat, and the moisture in the bathroom creates lines of smoke. We also live in an older house, so mildew can become a problem if not kept under control. I spray the shower and scrub the shower walls, then spray and rinse the shower curtains. Just make sure the shower curtain is in the shower when it drips dry. One trick I learned from a Janitor is to “wax” your shower walls, just like you do your car, to prevent water spots. I have 2 sets of Bathroom Rugs, so changing them once a week is a breeze. Then I can wash the dirty set and let them hang until the next week when I switch them out.

I’ve tried almost every cleaner on the market, and currently I’m using Homestar Bathroom Cleaner, because as an AVON Representative, I can get it at a discounted price. I also like the fact that it can be used on every surface in the bathroom, and it doesn’t have that “cleaning product” smell. In fact, it actually has a pleasant apple scent that I don’t mind.

Anti-Aging Cream for under $10

I was completely surprised when I started using the Anti-aging cream from the AVON Solutions line.

What I noticed first, was how it seemed to tighten my skin almost immediately. Then the next morning, my face felt soft and smooth. Something that I did not expect that quickly. Especially at the price, I mean, something under $10, with real results.

I guess it could be the chia extract, which is known to help your skin fight irritation, dehydration, and even banish blemishes. . Or it could be the vitamin blend that helps nourish the skin. Or the Glycerin, which is know to help strength the skin barrier, soften & smooth skin and even plump the skin. Or the Hibiscus which actively combats the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin. Hibiscus has the ability to slow down enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin,  so skin looks and feels firmer. Or maybe its’s just the total combination of everything. Whatever the reason, It worked.

AVON Solutions Anti-Aging Cream

Some of the Listed Benefits:
• Clinically shown to boost moisture in skin
• Provides 48 hours of hydration
• Suitable for all skin types (dry, normal, oily, combination)
• Lightweight
• Absorbs quickly
• Non-greasy/oily and non-sticky/tacky
• Free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil
• Makes skin look and feel incredibly soft, smooth and supple in one night
• Makes skin look and feel revitalized in one night
• Makes skin look and feel firmer in one night
• Softens the look and feel of fine lines and wrinkles in one night

Now you might be wondering, that’s all fine and dandy, but how do I add it to my existing routine. For me I found the best results when I used it both morning and evening. In the morning right after getting out of the shower and before I did my hair or applied makeup. In the evening I used it right after I cleansed my face, and applied my serum. I do have to admit, i put it on a bit thicker in the evening. It felt like my face was “sucking” up all the moisture, and becoming firmer all at the same time.

Checking out the New Website

I am so EXCITED to Share with you the New Website . I’m sure you will enjoy the new features as much as I do. Much easier to shop from, much easier to find products, and much easier for me to assist you.

Campaign 2 will be available from Today until Jan 4th, and focuses on 6 things you can do to winter-proof your skin. PLUS, several FREE Gifts with purchase offers.

Even though it seems that AVON has gone “way to digital” it gives me the opportunity to help more people like you. And now it’s even easier to watch the makeup videos, see how a perfume is created, or even check out the guides.

When you check out the New Website Things might look a little different than before

But in Both cases you’ll know your shopping with me when you see my picture. And you can find the menu displayed across the top. In addition to the NEW look, When you Log in to your account, you’ll find Increased Security Features in place to comply with new MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) Requirements.

So What is MFA? “You may hear it called “Two-Step Verification” or “Multifactor Authentication” but the good ones all operate off the same principle. When you sign into the account for the first time on a new device or application (like a web browser) you need more than just the username and password. You need a second thing – what we call a second “factor” – to prove who you support

With the increase in security measures not only will you need to log in with your existing email and password, you will need to confirm you are who you say you are with either a code that is emailed to you, or a phone call that will ask you to verify that it was you that logged onto the Website.

I understand how FRUSTRATING the whole security process can be, and it took me 3 times of verifying who I, was before I stopped getting the phone call. BUT. I personally get a cozier feeling knowing the inconvenience is just one more layer of security with my personal information.

As always if you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me (my email is probably the best way – see form below)


Care for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Congratulations on your purchase of Studio 1886 Jewelry. At very affordable prices, AVON Studio 1886 Sterling Silver can become a treasured keepsake that lasts a lifetime with proper care.

Whether you purchased your Sterling Silver Jewelry, or received it as a Gift, caring for the precious metal is actually quite simple and takes very little time.

1) Watch the light – One of the First things many people forget is that UV (Sun) light and heat can affect a colored gemstone. So if your Studio 1886 Jewelry has a n authentic gem stone watch how much time it’s exposed to the sun. The UV light can damage the durability and and even effect the color. Also be cautions if you use a UV light to cure your gel nail polish. You wouldn’t want to damage a ring while glamming up your nails.

2) Stay Away from Chemicals – Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals. Everyone probably knows that everyday household cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, pine-sol can damage not only skin, but precious metals like gold and silver, or gemstones. But we often don’t think about everyday substances like hairspray, lotion, and perfume. Even wearing your necklace and earrings in the shower can tarnish or discolor jewelry.

3) Proper Cleaning – Since running to the jeweler to have fine jewelry cleaned is not practical for those of us in rural areas. We are often faced with cleaning jewelry ourselves at home. Most gems and precious metals can easily be cleaned at home without damage. Start with with a soft brush, a new makeup brush works perfect. Use warm water, and mild dish soap, NOT detergent. Another tip is to clean and rinse your jewelry in a container since not in the sink. If you use a sink, put the plug in just in case any loose stones fall out. I like to put a small drop of dish soap in my hand with rings and earrings, then gently rub with a new (from the dollar store) makeup brush. When cleaning necklaces or bracelets, dry them flat by laying on a paper towel and allowing to sit until completely dry.

4) Proper Storage – I know the most convenient place to store my jewelry is in the bathroom, so I can put it on after i finish my morning makeup routine. BUT, excess moisture can damage precious metals, and even synthetic stones. Believe me, I learned that lesson the hard way. Most of my jewelry changed color over time. SO, I opted to get a tight sealing plastic storage container with small compartments to store my costume jewelry. Although I also store my Studio 1886 Fine Jewelry in the same container. My Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry is in the anti-tarnish bag and box that it came in. I lay them so the description on the side of the box sleeve is face up and I can grab them quickly without having to sort through the entire box.

So whether you have several or just a few Timeless Keepsakes of Studio 1886 Sterling Silver jewelry caring for them will ensure they remain timeless keepsakes.

Gifts for the Skin Care Enthusiast

Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out what to give to the person who loves skincare. I mean it’s really hard to figure out what to get, especially if your not sure of what she prefers, or wants.

Never fear, belif to the rescue. The belif holiday magic of glow on-the-go travel kit not only comes in a terrific holiday package, but it contains 5 of the popular belif products . That’s right 5, 5 of the Must Have moisturizing minis from belif, all for under $25.

belif, is a true herbal collection, with a message of Honesty. Simplicity. Transparency. belif combines time-trusted apothecary herbal traditions with modern Korean skin science. Pronounced be•lief, , promises to deliver the highest-quality ingredients, consistent formulas and benefits to even the pickiest of skin care enthusiasts. Believe in truth for your skin.

This Limited-edition kit includes mini, perfect for travel, creams, cleanser and solutions.

• The True Cream Aqua Bomb, formulated with a soothing blue gel cream that provides instant moisture while making your skin look healthy and even. Lightweight and refreshing, this cream is ideal for both oily and combination skin along with normal skin. 

• The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, to smooth and nourish your skin, keeping it hydrated for 26 hours. Indulge in this comforting cream blend, featuring apothecary herbs like oat husk and plantin.

• Aqua Bomb Jelly Cleanser is a jelly-to-foam cleanser that creates the same explosive burst of hydration as belif’s cult favorite (The True Cream Aqua Bomb) . The cleanser is formulated with amino acids and glycerin-based cleansing agents, it gently removes makeup and impurities without stripping skin of moisture. Great for all skin types. 

• The True Serum Revitalizing Niacinamide/Amino Acids Solution 10%, Formulated with niacinamide, our amino acids solution and a special blend of herbs, this powerful serum helps to visibly firm skin and shrink the look of pores for a smoother texture. Great to visibly improve elasticity, firmness and the look of pores. 

• The True Serum Resurfacing PHA/AHA 10%, Featuring a powerful formula of PHA/AHA 10%, this potent serum helps gently and effectively exfoliate dead surface skin cells to visibly improve skin tone and texture and reveal a fresher, more youthful look.

Regardless of age, and regardless of skin type, the belif Skin Care Line is capable of increasing skins moisture, reducing pores, and improving those tiny signs of aging.

Gotta Get It! Beauty is Skin Deep Set

Treat yourself to a luxury body scrub, anti-aging eye cream, and moisturizing must-haves—and don’t forget a little TLC for lips. And you can get it all for $10. Yeah you read that correct. Get the Whole set for Only $10, when you purchase $40 on the Website . The Set Includes Full Size and even mini size products.

• Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System
Gel, (This alone is $40 value) This system is the only two-in-one system for a complete eye lift and for anyone wishing to help treat or prevent the telltale signs of aging. Most see results In 1 week. It Makes eyes look and feel dramatically firmer, and Virtually erases the visible signs of aging on eyes.

• Veilment Black Rose Scrub & Cleanser Try-It Size, (One of My FAVORITES) Formulated with natural ingredients sourced from around the world for the ultimate veil of moisture. and this body wash and exfoliating scrub combination will leave your skin silky-soft, instantly hydrated and energized! It is Formulated with French rose oil and apricot seed powder with a Aromatic black rose scent that is devine.

• Moisture Therapy Daily Defense Lip Balm, A Must for Dry Winter Weather. A daily lip balm that protects lips with antioxidant vitamins.

• And 2 of the Top Choices from the belif line. belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb to smooth and nourish your skin, keeping it hydrated for 26 hours, a comforting cream blend, featuring apothecary herbs like oat husk and plantin.  AND belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb  formulated with a soothing blue gel cream that provides instant moisture while making your skin look healthy and even. Lightweight and refreshing, this cream is ideal for both oily and combination skin along with normal skin. Both come in Mini Sizes.

And the Entire Package Comes in a resealable bag, Making it easy to toss in your Holiday Travel Bag.

What is a Foot Mask?

As many of you know, I also work as a Foot Care Nurse (an RN who takes care of foot problems, mostly in the elderly population) and I use several AVON products in my care. So I was excited to see the Disposable Foot Masks come back in stock.

This disposable foot mask contains powerful natural moisturizing ingredients to help soften feet. It also allows for a Waterless Foot Care Visit. Believe it or not , soaking your feet in water may be more harmful than helpful. Not only do you take the chance of introducing fungus or bacteria into our foot, but prolonged soaking dries out your feet.

The mask contains some of the recommended moisturizing ingredients many Foot Care Nurses, and Podiatrists recommend for keeping your feet healthy. Moisturizing urea, shea butter and collagen. In addition, peppermint oil for a refreshing sensation. The mask is perfect for tired, aching, feet and even helps relief from high-heel use!

The Masks are actually pretty easy to use, but it’s best to use on clean, dry feet. Open the package and unfold the “socks/booties”, you will notice a perforation in the middle, tear along that perforation and the “socks” will separate in 2. The next step is to gently massage the “booties” to disperse the cream evenly through the sock, this also helps the top of the sock open to make putting it on easier.

If you have large feet, I recommend tearing the top of the “sock” to make the opening bigger (I found this out when my husband tried to use them). Put the “sock” on like you would a “bootie”, and leave on for 20-30 minutes. (I put another pair of wool socks on over the booties so I could do some housework while softening my feet)

After 20-30 minutes you can massage the booties to get the last bit of cream out, before you remove them. Once you have the “bootie/socks” off, gently rub the remaining cream into your feet.

The skin softening and moisturizing creams give my feet a soft feel, and I think the gentle massage to rub the remaining cream in feels amazing, especially after a long day of being on your feet.

Holiday Shipping Schedule 2021

This time of year, many people ask me, when is the last day I can order Avon before Christmas.

My usual answer is 2 weeks, but this year I’m recommending you place your order a few days before.  An update to my website is planned for December 7th and 8th.  And even though it’s expected to be completely upgraded by December 9th, who wants to take a chance.

So this year I am recommending to all my Friends to get your orders in by December 6th.  I would rather have a gift for someone sitting in my house for a few extra days, than not having it at all, when it comes time to gift it to someone.

It’s also a good idea to order early as some specials and holiday Gift giving items sell out quickly.  I found myself in that situation this morning.  A couple of our kitchen essentials were no longer available.  I had planned on using them in our White Elephant gift exchange, so now I’ll have to find something else.

So if you order for a gift, or even as a holiday treat for yourself, my recommendation this year is the earlier the better.  It’s not too soon to start stockpiling those gifts, you can always put them under the tree when you get the tree set up.

What is Cyber Monday?

According To Wikipedia: Cyber Monday is a marketing term for e-commerce transactions on the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States.  It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online. 

The term was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman, and made its debut on November 28, 2005, in a press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year. 

In our modern society, where just about everyone orders online, Cyber Monday, may just be like any other day for you.  With two big exceptions, 1) Avon Cyber Monday deals will last all week long (until December 4th) and 2) you must use the special coupon codes at a representative website.

So you are probably now wondering what the codes are?

Enjoy shopping these Cyber Monday Deals.

Crew-Neck Pocket Tees

A couple of months ago, the discussion of how dressed up is dressed up? My Sister-in-law said to me, but you always look dressed up in those Tee Shirts you wear. Guess what – I wear Studio 1886 Pocket Tees.

So what is Studio 1886. It’s a collection dedicated to boosting women’s positive self-image with fashion designs created to flatter your shape. In addition the tees are SO comfortable I feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in any situation. I can totally be myself, and still look “dressed up” .

One of my personal favorites is the 2 pack of comfy, cute crewneck tees in Black and White. These tees are perfect for any everyday or special day wardrobe. I mean really Black & White can usually be combined with anything you own. I often layer them under a comfy sweater or sweatshirt on cold fall and winter days.

The Cotton Polyester Blend makes for easy care. I machine wash, and even throw them right in the dryer (NOT recommended – it’s recommended to dry them flat). I have had some of the tees for several years and reach for them on a daily basis.

In our rushed world, it’s so refreshing to know I can still look “dressed up” even in a pair of blue jeans and tee shirt.

Holiday Shimmer Sweepstake 2021

Just in time for the Holidays. The Holiday Shimmer Sweepstake. And the best part, you can enter for FREE.   I know what you’re thinking, sure if I enter, I have to give you my email information, and my mailing address to enter.  And Yes, that’s true, but what you may not realize is, with your email I am able to share sales and specials with you.  (without a registered email, I can’t send you special coupon codes for additional savings).  

So here’s the deal (and the Fine Print).  No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & DC, including authorized independent Avon sales representatives, 18 and older. Sweepstakes ends 11:59 p.m. ET 12/20/21.  And you can opt out of promotion emails when you enter the sweepstakes.

I share the Sweepstakes with you because it’s really a win-win.  You get a chance to win, and access to special sales and savings as a registered friend on my website, and I get more VIP customers, which in turn increases traffic to my website.  Which is really my ultimate goal.

I know it’ll take a few minutes, and as my special Thanks, I’ll be sending you a special email with a VIP coupon code.

Age Defying Dual Elixir

I know this bottle might look a bit strange, but it’s that strange look that makes the difference. On One Side it’s a unique serum Rare Tahitian Black Pearl Extract (shown to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture). Then on the other side, a luxurious blend of precious oils Camellia oil (rich in essential fatty acids to help improve skin’s texture and firmness). Precious argan oil (rich in vitamin E)

The serum and oil are separated in the unique, strange looking bottle, to preserve their potency, but when combinedthe elixir is 3X more powerful than a serum alone. Blend them together to activate and enhance their benefits for the ultimate youth-boosting skin care experience.

In 2 weeks, 94% of users saw a difference in the most advanced signs of aging, during a consumer-perception study. When used twice a day, during their morning and evening skin care routines

Before using, especially the first couple times, firmly shake and “pack” by tapping the bottle on the palm of your hand . This will help settle product at the bottom of the bottle that may have been disrupted during shipping. Repeat this process if at any time the serum or oil fail to come out. Both the serum and the oil should dispense at the same time.

Dispense into palm of hand, Both the Serum and Oil should dispense at the same time. Blend serum and oil and massage over cleansed face and neck. You may use this 2 in 1 elixir alone or follow with your favorite Anew moisturizer.

Please Note: This product contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid. that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterward.


It’s time of year again.  You know, the time when we stop and take a day to profess our Thanks.

But why do we profess our Thanks only once a year?

Several years ago, I found myself feeling “sorry for myself”.  Why, the kids were all busy or out of state on Thanksgiving Day, so I decided we would not be doing Thanksgiving.

We treated the day just like a Saturday, and did things we would usually do on any other Saturday.  All the while, I was missing something.  It wasn’t the traditional Thanksgiving Diner (which happens to be one of my favorite meals), but rather the idea of gathering with family.  

It was that day, it kinda hit me like a ton of bricks.  Thanksgiving had nothing to do with the day, nothing to do with the turkey and stuffing, and really nothing to do with where we are.  Thanksgiving is really an emotion, a feeling, a time to Be Thankful for all we do have.

The fact that I was sulking because my kids weren’t with me, meant I had a family that I actually wanted to be with. I didn’t spend half a day standing over a stove cooking, but  it meant that I had someone to cook for.  

Today, my Thanksgiving looks much different than it did back then.   I have realized that even though we set aside one day a year to contemplate what to be Thankful for, I say a prayer of Thanksgiving for all I have, each and every day I wake up.

After all, Thanksgiving is not a day on the calendar, but rather an emotion, a feeling, a Celebration of all we have been given. 

Day To Night Bundle – November 2021

The All-In-One-Day-To-Night WOW Bundle. This bundle is money well spent. Especially When you consider the value ($191). But it also saves you time trying to find the products you need to keep signs of aging from spoiling your Holiday Plans.

Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System – the only two-in-one system for a complete eye lift, and perfect for for anyone wishing to treat or prevent the telltale signs of aging. (you know those pesky lines at the corners of your eyes)

Isa Knox LXNEW Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser contains skin-nourishing ingredients formulated for any skin type. Cleansing is a part of most bedtime rituals, Why Not cleanse with a luxurious cream cleanser that gently removes makeup and impurities while it restores moisture for a soft, smooth and healthy look.

Anew Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum  is a transformative serum that is formulated with Polypeptide Lift Complex. Get visible results when you apply this concentrated skin tightening formula with a unique roller that is built in the tip. The Infinite Lift serum, counteracts skin’s natural tendency to sag while the massaging roller allows the complex to be more readily absorbed into the skin.

Anew Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50. How many times have i said, Make SPF your BFF? This lotion is ultra-lightweight, it quickly absorbs, and glides on smooth. I use it right after my morning moisturizer and allow it to absorb while I’m finishing getting dressed. Then I’m all set for makeup.

Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème. Enjoy a luxury night crème becasue you deserve it. Indulges your skin with both immediate and long-term results. Visiblely reduces signs of aging, including deep wrinkles, creases, expression lines and increases skin firmness. Keep a Jar on your nightstand as your last luxury before slumbering off to sleep.

Eye Liner UPDATE

I just wanted to quickly update you on what I’ve found to replace our Beloved Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner.

Believe it or not, it’s a Long Time Favorite of many. It has over 500+ reviews and a 4.3 customer rating. But, Why do I think it’s a great replacement for our liquid eye-liner?

Smudge-proof, is always my first priority when choosing an eyeliner. Sharp, Fine Line is my second priority. and Thirdly I want something that is easy to use. (NO sharpener Needed)

Well the Always on Point eye-liner scores in all three . The unique design of the cap is the trick to keeping the sharp, fine line. When you twist to close the cap, it sharpens the pencil to a fine point, so it’s Always on Point.

With 2 shades, Black Brown, and Black, the colors will look great on anyone. (of course I prefer the Black). Did I also mention that it is waterproof, fade proof and is Free of Parabens, sulfates and talc.

So When you use the last of you Super Extend Liquid Eye Line up, Give the Always on Point eye liner in Black a Try. I Think you’ll be pleased with the likeness to our Beloved Liquid Eye Liner.

Campaign 25 is live 2021

 Holiday Pajamas are here.

   Campaign 25 features NEW Holiday Decor, and Pajamas.  one difference this year, we only have women’s Pajamas 

The Ceramic, Iridescent Collection features flickering lights, to create a soothing candle light effect.

If you prefer to “interact”, watch videos, or view animated pictures,  the Digital Catalog is the way to go.  

As Avon continues to Celebrate 135 yearsWOW Deals are limited time special bundles, available at greatly reduced prices. 

  Reminder, the monthly  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order. 

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks for Christmas.  Our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 


Campaign 24 is Live 2021

Campaign 24 is now live on the website.  As we start our Holiday Sales, Remember to order early.

The Holiday Gift Guide is also featured.  So if you’re looking for gifts under $15, $25 or $50; check it out.

PS — some items have already sold out, but the website is pretty accurate as to what is and what isn’t still available.

Although, the length of shipping times haven’t changed much as of now.  I expect this will soon change.

If you prefer to “interact” watch videos, or view animated pictures,  the Digital Catalog is the way to go.  

As Avon continues to Celebrate 135 yearsWOW Deals are limited time special bundles, available at greatly reduced prices. 

  Reminder, the monthly  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order.

I will post a video of the monthly winner on Beauty and Bluejeans Facebook page the first week of the next month.  

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks, our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days.

How to Find the Right Serum

Ever Wonder – What Should I use for my Fine Lines and Wrinkles? This is one of the top questions I get asked, and with so many choices it’s really hard to decide on one. Serums are skin care treatments with concentrated ingredients for targeting specific concerns and signs of aging yet lightweight, so ideal for layering under moisturizers.

If your Looking for Increased Brightness – Our Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum is What your needing. This Lightweight Serum contains as much vitamin C as in 30 oranges ,a potent antioxidant, it helps visibly repair
skin damage to boost radiance. This super serum illuminates your dull, tired skin to look visibly energized. It’s one of my favorites.

If your needing More Hydration – Our Anew Hydra Fusion 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum has been clinically proven to increase skins moisture. It contains our highest concentration of moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid (1.5%!) for visibly plumper, bouncier skin. Hyaluronic Acid acts like a sponge holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water for intense, lasting hydration. It’s your rescue treatment for those extra dry areas that need saving! 1 fl. oz.

Perhaps you need to rev-up and boost your existing moisturizer. Our Anew Power Serum is just what you need. Based on Nobel prize winning research, this Serum works with boost technology to hydrate your skin, smooth visible roughness and wrinkles, and return firmness to your face as it visibly repairs skin damage. It’s so effective that 93% of women agree that it dramatically improved skin’s appearance and is a great complement to your current skin care routine, and works well with almost any moisturizer.

Want a serum AND an oil? Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir is just that. First, a unique serum and Second, a luxurious blend of precious oils. The formulas are separated in the bottle to preserve their potency. When the 2 combine as the bottle is pumped, they create one supreme elixir that’s 3X more powerful than a serum alone.. Blend them together to activate and enhance their benefits for the ultimate youth-boosting skin care experience.

Do Small discolorations distract people from seeing the real you. Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector is just what you need. This anti-aging serum is formulated with DSX-7 which contains two different, complementary forms of vitamin C. Together they target the many facets of discoloration, reducing common problems such as dark circles under your eyes, uneven skin tones, blotches from acne scars and more.

Is your face feeling less firm? Maybe the Contours you saw in your youth aren’t visible anymore. Anew Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum will help contour and combat aging with one action! With a Polypeptide Lift Complex it works to visibly lifts and firms targeted areas: cheeks, chin, jawline, and jowl. With a built in unique roller it can smooth and massage your skin.

Did Someone Say retinol? Retinol has been hailed as the Holy Grail of anti-aging products on the market. Our Isa Knox Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment is the repackaged version of our previous Cline Eraser with Retinol treatment. This is one of my Favorites. This exclusive treatment harnesses the power of retinol. A lightweight, fast-acting treatment with exclusive Amino Acid complex delivers wrinkle-fighting action, and visible results in everyone that tries it. One Caution: Retinol is known to cause Sun Sensitivity.

One of the Newer serums is our Isa Knox Anew Clinical Revitalize & Reveal Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid. Although I have not tried this particular formula, I was impressed with the earlier version. This silky smooth formula contains our concentrated blend of professional-grade anti-aging ingredients that retexturizes skin in just one night. Similar to a pro microdermabrasion, without the irritation, this formula helps to transform your skin to appear younger and smoother overnight.

Recently Introduced is our Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum . Avon’s first holistic approach to skin care from rare peonies. it has been specially formulated to visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a younger, firmer look. I also noticed Improved texture & tone and my skin had a rejuvenated look.

Another of my favorites is our Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Rejuvenating Serum Ampoules . Although these small ampules are a bit pricier, I found them to be worth the extra cash. The serum is encased in individual capsules that you break open. It’s like opening a new jar each night. The serum inside features a powerful peptide blend to boost your body’s own natural production of collagen. Increased collagen helps skin look instantly smoother and more radiant. But my favorite part, fine lines and wrinkles were greatly reduced.

Not in the Brochure

Lots of times, Limited Edition items appear on my website that are not in the brochure. This is due to the limited supply on hand. Items are usually in the Home Category, and not a regular item.

Just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner, the Kitchen Essentials section has several Limited Edition items that are perfect for every kitchen.

First the Stainless Steel Storage Bowls Set of 5 . These first caught me eye because of the Lids. Imagine being able to mix up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies, and then store them in the fridge until you have time to bake them. The Smallest measures 4″ wide and the largest 7″.

I next noticed the 10 Piece Microwavable Bowl Set . The Set includes 5 bowls and 5 matching lids. Perfect for those Thanksgiving leftovers. Store in the Fridge, and re-heat in the same bowl. What a Time Saver that will be on those busy fall days.

And Speaking of Microwavable, Who enjoys cleaning the microwave after someone has re-heated a plate of leftovers? The 5 Size Microwave Food Cover Set saves the splatter from getting on the microwave walls. The sizes range from 4.5″ in diameter to a whooping 8.8″ diameter. Never worry about splattering the microwave walls again.

I personally have several AVON kitchen items in my home that I use on a daily basis. I try to order when I see them on the website, because when their gone, they are gone. As with all our limited edition items, only a few are available, and no backorders are available.

My Eyeliner is Gone

With the recent discontinuation of the Avon True Color Superextend Precise Liquid Pen Eye Liner — My Personal FAVORITE, I’ve been trying a variety of other eye liners offered by Avon.

First I tried the fmg Cashmere 24HR Cream Eyeliner , I liked the coverage, but not the fact that it needs to be sharpened. (I know it looks like it shouldn’t because the pencil feels like plastic, but trust me the pencil needs sharpened.

Second I tried Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye liner in Blackest Night. (currently being rebranded as fmg Glimmer Eye liner), but found that the color seemed to smear before the end of the Day, and I looked like I had dark circles under my eyes.

Third I Tried the fmg Glimmer Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Tornado (Black) This I the one that I’ve switched to as a replacement for the Avon True Color Superextend Precise Liquid Pen Eye Liner. I find the coverage does NOT smear, and it stays put all day long. The biggest Fall Back is that it is Not a pencil, so you mush purchase a separate eye liner brush to use it. although this is an inconvenience, I’ve gotten use to it over the past couple of months.

The other eye line Avon Offers is the Avon True Color Always On Point Eye Liner. Although I haven’t tried this one in a number of years, it is also an alternative to try as a replacement for the Avon True Color Superextend Precise Liquid Pen Eye Liner.

Campaign 23 is live! 2021

Campaign 23 is now live on the website.  As we start our Holiday Sales, Remember to order early.

Although, the length of shipping times haven’t changed much as of now.  I expect this will soon change.

This Brochure includes the ever popular Peppermint Delight Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Mist.

This Limited Edition scent from our Senses Collection, seems to sell fast.

Also included in this brochure, Our MINI hand creams.  Including Vita Moist (only available during the holiday)

But, if you prefer to “interact” the Digital Catalog is the way to go.  

As Avon continues to Celebrate 135 yearsWOW Deals are limited time special bundles, available at greatly reduced prices. 

  Reminder, the monthly  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order.

I will post a video of the monthly winner on Beauty and Bluejeans Facebook page the first week of the next month.  

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks, our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 


Campaign 22 is Live 2021

Campaign 22 is now live on the website.  We introduce the LXNew Clinical Booster Serums.

Microme Balance – to reduce redness

Pore Perfector – to help dissolve dead skin cells and visibly reduce pores

Moisture Hydration – to lock in moisture

If you prefer to “flip” through the pages clicking on the brochure above is the best way.

But, if you prefer to “interact” the Digital Catalog is the way to go.  

Take a quick look at the AMAZING Lip Event Sale.  With lipsticks at $2.99. This sale is only effective in this brochure.  NO backorders, and LIMITED to stock on hand.  ( I’ve already heard rumors, some colors are no longer available)

As Avon continues to Celebrate 135 yearsWOW Deals are limited time special bundles, available at greatly reduced prices. 

  Reminder, the monthly  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order.

I will post a video of the monthly winner on Beauty and Bluejeans Facebook page the first week of the next month.  

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks, our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

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AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 


Campaign 21 is Live 2021

It’s time to “Awaken You Senses” and “Refresh Your Routine”.  Campaign 21 is now live on the website. 

If you prefer to “flip” through the pages clicking on the brochure above is the best way.

But, if you prefer to “interact” with the brochure, Digital Catalog is the way to go.  Watch videos, like this video of the Cozy Vanilla & Cocunut senses, read full length stories about products, and even try on makeup, right from your phone.

As Avon continues to Celebrate 135 yearsWOW Deals are limited time special bundles, available at greatly reduced prices. And Be sure to check out the All That Glitters WOW Deal ($141 Value for $50)

  Reminder, the monthly A-Box  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order.

I post a video of the monthly winner on Beauty and Bluejeans Facebook page the first week of the next month.  

(August Winner was Romona from Joseph, OR – her A-Box was mailed to her)

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks, our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 


Lip Gloss that Plumps your Pout

Did someone say lip gloss?  Now I’ll be the first one to admit, lip gloss has never really been my thing.  Not sure why, I’ve just never gotten excited about a glossy lip finish. 

But, for many of my customers (especially the younger mom’s out there) it’s been a popular item, but what if you want to “plump” up your pout.  What if you want those lips to look Fuller. The fmg Glimmer Lip Plumper, is just what you need for a Plumped up shine. 

Volulip™ visibly plumps your pout, while it softens and moisturizes  to provide a dimensional, wet shine. It is created with a non-sticky creamy formula.  Plus has the added benefits of antioxidant vitamin E. No stinging or burning, just fuller-looking lips! Shiny gloss finish gives hours of wear without feathering. Although this Lip Gloss is really designed to plump up your lips, it Comes in a Universally flattering, brilliant shade and a Refreshing peppermint scent.  It’s designed to be worn UNDER your favorite lip color, to create fuller looking lips.

For the best results, use the fmg Lip Plumper   BEFORE you start your morning makeup routine to give the formula a chance to work and plump up your lips.  Then apply another layer right before you start your lip color for a smoother application of lip liner, and color. You can even finish with your favorite shade of any of our 4 other lip gloss formulas.

A-Box Monthly Drawing

Each month I do a Special Drawing for anyone that has placed an AVON order through me. That includes orders that are delivered directly through my avon website, or in person for pick up in Cottonwood.

I was able to earn many A-Boxes as a FREE Bonus gift based on sales levels of $1000 in 2 campaigns. Since it was my Customers who helped me earn the bonus, I choose to share those earnings with my customers.

So How do you enter the drawing? It’s really pretty simple, Place an order. I don’t take into account the amount of the order, so any size order gets your name in on the drawing.

What happens if you Win? I’ll put your A-Box in the mail and you should receive it shortly.

Is this different than the monthly sweepstakes? YES, the monthly sweepstakes is a drawing sponsored by AVON, and is open to anyone who enters through a link found on the AVON Store. The Monthly A-Box Drawing is something I do for my personally for my customers.

So if you happen to be the winner, and get a surprise package in the mail from me, Congratulations.

Avon Euthymol Toothpaste

Wait what?  Avon has toothpaste?

A large selection of Oral Care products are available for purchase from Your Independent Avon Representative.  With Whitening Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Dental Floss and even a LED Teeth Whitening System.

I recently tried the newest addition, Enthymol Toothpaste.  

The paste has been Loved for over 122 years for its distinctly strong flavor and British heritage design. It is a classic oral care brand, which dates back to 1898.  Specially formulated to help keep teeth and gums healthy with a special blend of fluoride-free, antiseptic ingredients. The name “euthymol” tells of the main ingredient.  A combination of eucalyptus and thymol.

The description includes the term “strong flavored”.  Which is really an understatement.  The flavor is extreme!  But once you get a custom to the flavor, the benefits make it worth the surprise.  I’d describe the flavor very similar to the pink mint candies you can get at the store.  You know the ones that kinda remind one of Pepto Bismol.

The tube is sealed shut, so to use, remove the cap and turn it around to pierce the seal.  Use a tiny amount to start with, less than a tiny pea size.  My mouth felt very refreshed, and clean.  Even with an older toothbrush.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Campaign 20 is live 2021

As we enter September, Campaign 20 is now live on the website.

If you prefer to “flip” through the pages clicking on the brochure above is the best way to do it 

But, if you prefer to “interact” with the brochure, Digital Catalog is the way to go.  Watch videos, read full length stories about products, and even try on makeup, right from your phone.

As, Avon continues to Celebrate 135 yearsWOW Deals  are limited time special bundles, available at greatly reduced prices.

  Reminder, the monthly A-Box  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order.

I post a video of the monthly winner on Beauty and Bluejeans Facebook page the first week of the next month.  

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks, our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 

What is Live Shopping?

Over the past several months, you may have noticed emails about Avon Live, but what is it?

If you’ve ever turned on your TV to see people demonstrating products and telling you to “act fast” because the offers “won’t last”, then you’ve experienced “live shopping.”  Think QVC

While live shopping is nothing new, it’s only recently grown into a more interactive experience that exists on the internet and social media, not solely on the television.

Avon Live, the live shopping experience at Avon, allows customers to tune into  live shopping events on at a specific day and time to purchase the featured products and take advantage of exclusive offers for one day only. 

Each Avon Live experience is themed and offers a specific assortment of Avon products, allowing the host (the person on the screen) time to explain each one in detail and interacting with attendees via chat.

The best part of a live event, in my opinion, is being able to experience Avon products,  hearing what the products do and watching them being used by real people.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know most of the live events are at times I can’t necessarily log on to the internet, so I usually end up watching the replay.  Even though the specials (usually free gifts with purchase) are no longer valid, I still enjoy seeing the demonstrations.  

If you’re interested in experiencing a live shopping event head on over to the link for Live Shopping on my website.

Campaign 19 2021

It’s Idaho County Fair time.  If you’re visiting the fair this week, stop by my display, take a look at some of our products.  

Campaign 19 Is now live, and the website is up and running. 

Check out what’s new for Hair Care.  I promise you’ll be quite surprised.

Avon continues to Celebrate  135 years,  we will donate an item to Feed the Children for every item you purchase.  

  Reminder, the monthly A-Box  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order.

(July’s Winner was Rich, and I shipped his box yesterday)

And a Reminder, if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks, our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 


Campaign 18 2021

Hard to believe we  are already in August. Avon continues to Celebrate  135 years, so During the month we will donate an item to Feed the Children for every item purchased.  

Campaign 18 which is now live, and we introduce our New LOVE makeup collection. This Collection not only gives you color, but skin nourishing properties.   

 Entry into my Monthly A-Box  drawing is FREE to anyone who places an order.. (Direct Delivery, or Pick Up in Cottonwood).

And a Reminder,  if you know any recent graduates looking to make a few extra bucks, our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity will be  continued for another month.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

Super Greens Multi-Vitamin Moisture Cream

Vegan  Super Greens Multi-Vitamin Moisture Cream with natural plant-based ingredients for healthy skin.  Many of these you’ll recognize: Broccoli Sprouts, Brussels Sprouts, Green Tea Extract, Moringa Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil,  Sunflower Seed Oil, Lavender Leaf and Stem Extract, Sage Extract.

The Cream is Formulated with a new, innovative Slow Herb Complex™.  This process involves slow, cold-brewing to extract antioxidants for peak efficacy. This type of process maintains the key benefits from plants.  These benefits keep skin looking softer, brighter and healthier by locking in essential nourishing moisture. In fact 91% of users agreed that skin instantly feels smoother, tighter and plumped with hydration in one week.

But, don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.  I personally noticed a difference in the first few days.  My skin felt smoother, and fine lines and wrinkles faded quickly.  

One side note, after continued use for over a month, I began to notice dry, itchy and watery eyes. (Of course it could be from all the wildfire smoke we in central Idaho are freaking with).   But, I was using quite a bit both under my eyes, and on my eyelids.  In fact I would just close my eyes and gently massage the cream into my entire eye area. 

So, as I move forward, I’ll take a bit more time, and use the Super Greens Multi-Vitamin Moisture Cream as directed, and use a formula created for eyes (such as the  Bakuchiol Eye Cream), on my sensitive eye area.

Campaign 17 is Live 2021

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through summer.  I’ve recently seen “Back to School” Sales.   Although not necessarily “Back to School”. Campaign 17 is live and is packed with tons of “Good Buys”  in our SALE, SALE, SALE section.

Just an FYI though, All Sale items are FINAL sales with no Refunds or Exchanges,  and are limited to stock on hand.

 And….Remember the Monthly drawing is FREE to anyone that places an order with me. (Direct Delivery, or Pick Up in Cottonwood).a

I also wanted to let you know, if you know of any recent graduates that are looking to make a few extra bucks, let them know about our FREE Avon Representative sign up opportunity.  

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 

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Green Goddess

Happy Wednesday!  With the hot dry summer air, which seems to be much more daunting this year, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve found to be one of the best facial moisturizers (oils) I’ve found.  

As you know, I try most of the new skin care so I can let you know what I think of it.  BUT, it took me a while to get around to trying the Green Goddess Facial Oil.  Now I’m wishing I would have tried it sooner.  

I recently watched a training video about skin care, and Avon’s skin care expert. She said Green Goddess Facial Oil is one of the few products she includes in her daily routine, regardless of what else she is using at the time.  

So I figured it was about time I gave it a try, and I was not disappointed.  If I had to choose just ONE product, this would be the one.  

So how can you incorporate it into your daily routine?  Because it’s a lightweight OIL, Green Goddess should be the final step in your daily skin care routine.  Yes, it goes on after moisturizer.  Don’t worry, it’s lightweight enough, that it’s quickly absorbed into your skin.   

If you prefer a minimal, one product, skin care regimen, this is the one I would recommend.  I even use it over my SPF moisturizer, and my makeup perfectly blends into my skin. 

Since I started using it, My skin feels baby soft, and I’ve had a noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles around my eyes and above my lips.  

Bottom line, this is definitely one of those “always keep an extra on hand, in case I run out”.

Campaign 15 is live 2021

I’m not sure this happened, but Campaign 15 is here.  (It somehow snuck up on me, so there will be NO mailing)

We Introduce NEW facial cleansers, giving us many more options to choose from.  And the belif line gets an expansion.  (Did you know the belif line is available from other retailers like Sephora, but at a higher cost


Remember the Monthly drawing is FREE to anyone that places an order with me. (Direct Delivery, or Pick Up in Cottonwood).

Plus … A WOW deal you need to check out 

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 

Summer Luxury Sweepstakes 2021

WOW!  I can’t believe this month’s sweepstakes.   I already entered for my chance to win. And I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Talk about Luxury. The package includes some of our Mission Luxe skin care.  (Our most luxurious skin care line, created with top notch premium I ingredients).  Some of our Elastine Hair care.  (Created with Royal Jelly).  Our Newly introduced Perioe Thera- Whitening Pen and strips for brighter, whiter teeth. A elegant watch and matching earrings.

This package is valued at $1010.  Yes to read that right, one thousand, ten dollars.  And it could be yours for Free.  That’s right,. You can enter the monthly sweepstakes without a purchase.  Simply go to Summer Luxury Sweepstakes enter your information, and hit submit.  It’s really that simple.  

Campaign 14 is Live 2021

Campaign 14 is here.  If you’ve been needing eye shadow, this campaign is for you.

We Introduce the NEW Eye Shadow Quads, in 10 exciting color palettes, The NEW Longwear Gel Eye Liners, and Longwear Gel Eyeshadows (My FAVORITE). One caution to remember, the Longwear Gels do NOT came with an applicator, so you’ll need an eye shadow brush.

Not sure of a color .. TRY IT ON – before you order.

I’m really liking this “try it on” tool.  I’ve taken a “selfie” of my face without any makeup and saved it to my phone, then I simply follow the directions and upload my photo as I “try on” different colors.   If you need help using the “try it on” tool let me know.

The winner of the Monthly Drawing for May is Betty Mader. Congratulations.

You can watch the video on the Beauty and Bluejeans Facebook Page.

Remember the Monthly drawing is FREE to anyone that places an order with me. (Direct Delivery, or Pick Up in Cottonwood).

Plus … A WOW deal you need to check out 

  As Always, contact me if you have any questions..


AVON Independent Sales Rep

.. And if you’re not completely satisfied? ….. For over 135  years, customer satisfaction has been a #1 priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we offer. We’ll gladly give you a Full Refund within 45 days. 

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What are ceramides?

There’s been quite a bit of talk about needing ceramides for your skin lately, but what are they exactly?

Ceramides make up over 50% of our skin’s composition in the form of lipids (fats). They are concentrated in the uppermost layers of skin–epidermis layer–and their roles are crucial for your skin’s health. Think of ceramides as the glue of your skin. This glue acts as a protective layer that holds our skin cells together.  Ceramides help limit moisture loss and protect against pollutants in our environment.

Ceramides have also been shown to effectively treat  childhood atopic dermatitis issues. Ceramides are naturally occurring and can be found in many food sources, especially in plants called Phytoceramides.   

Because ceramides are in the uppermost layer of your skin, they are also the most susceptible to our surrounding environments. Sun damages, environmental pollutants, and aging all reduce the effectiveness and amount of ceramides in your skin.

So how can you tell if your skin needs ceramides? Look for the signs. Envision a piece of paper that is held together by glue.  If the glue melts away you’ll see  dry, flaky pieces of paper. The same concept can be seen in your skin, without ceramides you might see dehydration, roughness, wrinkles, irritations, redness, and dryness.

But, don’t fear, Because ceramides are concentrated in the uppermost layers of skin–epidermis layer– applying skin care creams, lotions and serums that contain ceramides can be used effectively.  The ceramides are absorbed through the skin.

Check the ingredient list on your favorite lotion, cream or serum, does it contain ceramides?  If not, you can easily find one that does.  Remember, ceramides make up over 50% of our skin’s composition in the form of lipids (fats), and are an important factor in the health of your skin.